Organizations of all sizes are increasingly understanding the importance of having more control over who has access to their facilities in order to safeguard their workplaces. While face recognition is often considered as a tool reserved for high-security environments, advances in technology have made it a cost-effective solution in workplaces across all industries.

When face recognition technology such as iLobby’s FaceMatchTM is used as a structured part of the visitor management process, it introduces a new layer of security in your facility which allows instant authentication of individuals and faster sign-ins.

Here are a few ways iLobby’s FaceMatchTM improves security:

Faster processing while increasing security

Expediting sign-ins not only creates a better user experience, but provides a critical efficiency feature in high-volume facilities to ensure that each and every individual has been properly screened prior to being granted access. Thus, iLobby FaceMatchTM is the first step upon arrival – capturing an image of the individual’s face, and accurately matching it within a matter of seconds. Once a match is found, the system is able to customize the experience and pull up information entered during previous visits in order to expedite the process.

Improved accuracy of visitor authentication

Face recognition delivers a high degree of reliability in verifying individuals. The FaceMatchTM process implements a sophisticated algorithm which authenticates returning visitors using key facial indicators. It further uses an ongoing modeling method which continually learns and builds upon the facial models of each individual. The system can verify each individual’s identity and determine with high reliability whether the returning visitor is a match within your database. The high-accuracy authentication approach used by FaceMatchTM ensures organizations know exactly who has had access to their workplace, and when.                              

Complete digital records of each individual’s visit history

Automated face recognition matches individuals to their existing records with absolute certainty in order to prevent duplicate entries caused by human error. Consolidating all records for a specific individual into one related record set ensures that you have a full picture of when they had access to your facility, and even which facilities they were at. Should an incident occur, this allows management to view any individual’s full visit history to determine when they had access to a certain facility.

Increased privacy of personal information

In today’s technology-powered workplaces, protecting personal information is a key concern for security. FaceMatchTM ensures that the private details stored about visitors are not available to unauthorized third-parties. The system verifies that individuals are matched only to their own records by preventing false positives. Unlike traditional paper logbooks where personal information is easily viewed by anyone waiting at reception, FaceMatchTM adds an extra layer of security by verifying individuals before displaying their personal information on the screen.

Face recognition is not only an important safety feature, but it streamlines visitor management to create a faster sign-in for individuals arriving at your facility. FaceMatchTM integrates directly into the iLobby visitor sign-in process and is a central component that further streamlines visitor processing and improves security.

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