iLobby is proud to introduce our new logo – a symbol of the robust platform that iLobby has become in streamlining complex processes to help organizations screen, manage, and track everything that moves through their doors.

Our original logo reflected our humble beginning and early focus as an iPad app that was used to sign in visitors at the front desk. But what started as a simple sign-in app, has now grown into an industry-leading platform that brings a new level of automation, security and control to organizations.

The transformation of the brand identity highlights iLobby’s rapid evolution from a simple technology, to a trusted solution that is a critical part of day-to-day operations in Fortune 500 companies, banks, international airports, manufacturing facilities, and more.

iLobby has been growing rapidly year-over-year, and to date, is implemented in over 6 million entry points in the United States alone. As a recently funded technology company, iLobby’s investment of over USD $100 Million from Insight Partners will help accelerate iLobby’s growth and bring innovative, forward-thinking solutions to market faster. The new logomark is another step forward in our journey towards being a full 360-degree solution for organizations.

Here are a few of the key design elements that convey iLobby’s core values:

Customer Service Excellence

The iLobby team prides itself on providing a customer-first experience. The lobby bell that has been the center of our logo since the beginning, is carried into the new brand identity to symbolize that customer service is central to iLobby’s philosophy and commitment.

Streamlined Processes

iLobby believes that in order to deliver an effective solution, simplicity is key. Thus, the platform focuses on streamlining and automating complex processes into one simple, turnkey solution. This simplicity is represented by the clean lines within the new design.

360-Degree Control

iLobby goes beyond Visitor Management to enable organizations to have greater control over their facilities, employees, and visitors for a complete solution to better manage everything moving through a facility. The circle in the logomark represents 360-degree control of your facility, while the outer ring encompasses the platform into an all-in-one solution.

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The evolution of our logo reflects our continued dedication to providing our clients with innovative solutions that help automate processes and safeguard the workplace. These unprecedented times have shown that it is critical for organizations to not only have greater control over who is entering the facilities at any given time, but also to assess whether they are a potential risk to your workforce. iLobby continues to provide solutions to create a first line of defense to help reduce risk to your business operations.

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