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iLobby already meets most compliance standards for data security and on-premise monitoring, and can be configured to meet your unique needs.



Present visitors with legal documents such as NDAs and liability waivers, and collect digital signatures. Securely store legal documents in one place, and easily download them when you need.



Easily create and schedule custom reports with just a few clicks. Simply filter by the data types and timeframe you need, and view it in the dashboard or export the information.



Always be audit-ready by maintaining a full paper trail of all data and signed documents collected, and easily export what you need in order to prepare for an audit in seconds.


Check off all the boxes on your compliance list

iLobby can be easily configured to your specific requirements. Whether it’s data storage, data encryption, on-premise security requirements, or more — iLobby’s experienced customer success team will work with you to ensure that we check off all the boxes on your list.

iLobby takes your complex list of compliance requirements, and integrates it seamlessly into one simple-to-use system to automate your compliance fulfillment. That’s why enterprise clients make iLobby an integral part of day-to-day operations in banks, international airports, manufacturing, Fortune 500 companies, and more.

  • See exactly who is in your building
  • Keep an audit-proof paper trail for compliance and reporting
  • Streamline your facility sign-in process

How does iLobby® meet
your compliance needs?

Each compliance requirement is complex and involves many different components. iLobby brings all of these components together into one place, with an easy-to-use system. Below are some of the aspects of compliance that iLobby can help you achieve.

Information Security

iLobby enforces internal processes and policies for information security in order to safeguard sensitive data.


Actively monitor who is on site through real-time notifications and dashboards.

Physical Security

Increase security with access control integration to physically restrict unauthorized access.

Established Processes

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) require iLobby to follow established internal processes to ensure data protection.


Easily create or schedule custom reports to meet your reporting needs.

Identity Verification

Verify visitors through photo capture or government-issued ID/passport scanning.

Regional Data

Protect your data and restrict it to your local region or country, depending on your compliance requirements.

Legal Contracts

Automate legal document management and capture digital signatures for documents such as NDAs, liability waivers, and more.


Generate custom reports for any given time period and export all data and signed documents to quickly prepare for audits.

Visitor Badges

Visually identify the reason why specific visitors and contractors are on site.

Discover how iLobby® can help you meet your unique compliance requirements