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iLobby® + GLBA Compliance


Companies that offer financial-related products and services, such as banking companies, securities companies and insurance companies, are required to meet GLBA or FMA (Financial Modernization Act) compliance by safeguarding sensitive data and having a process in place for handling and sharing data in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of this information.

Companies that are required to meet the Safeguards Rule are also responsible for taking steps to verify that their affiliates and service providers also safeguard customer information. iLobby has measures in place to keep customer information secure, and can help your company meet these requirements with our data security, physical security, and access control processes.

Here are a few of the ways iLobby® helps you be GLBA/FMA compliant, meet safeguard rules, contribute to your information security program, and control risks:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure that there are established written expectations for data security and availability
  • iLobby keeps up to date with industry standards, has stringent data security measures in place, and is audited on a regular basis to ensure that it follows its established information security processes and systems internally for safeguarding sensitive information
  • Achieve active monitoring through real-time notifications and dashboard overviews
  • Schedule automated reports such as End of Day reports that show who has been in the building and who hasn’t signed out yet
  • Automate visitor sign-in to ensure guests sign NDAs, waivers, and other legal documents upon arrival, and that the documents and digital signatures are stored securely, and are available for download during audits
  • Keep a paper trail of every person who has entered and left during any given time period
  • Verify visitor identity with photo capture or ID/passport scanning
  • Visually identify guests by printing photo badges, which are color-coded to specify the visitor’s reason for being on site
  • Sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII) does not leave the iLobby environment and measures are in place to ensure the secure transmission of customer information
  • Deny access to unauthorized persons who are on deny lists or watchlists
  • Kiosks are tamper-proof, physically locked down, and confined to the iLobby environment


iLobby already meets most compliance standards for data security and on-premise monitoring, and can be configured to meet your unique needs.



Automate legal documents and digital signatures for NDAs, liability waivers, and more for each visitor type. Securely store legal documents all in one place, and easily download them when you need.



Easily create or schedule custom reports with just a few clicks. Simply filter the data types and timeframe you need, and view it in the dashboard or export the information.



Always be audit-ready by maintaining a full paper trail of all data and signed documents collected, and easily export what you need in order to prepare for an audit in seconds.

Discover how iLobby® can meet your compliance needs

iLobby can meet most compliance standards for data security and on-premise monitoring, and can be configured
to meet your unique needs. See what iLobby can do for your organization.