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iLobby® + Access Control


Access Control systems are an integral part of any organization. iLobby can connect with almost any access control system to facilitate physical security by authorizing or restricting access of specific persons to buildings or rooms, during specific times and dates.

Coupled with Gate, Door, and Turnstile integrations, iLobby can deliver a fully transparent, secure and automated solution for processing visitors.







Easy global credential issuance and management

iLobby’s robust access control integration can connect with almost any access control system including Tyco, Genetec, Honeywell, Brivo and many more. When requirements are met, iLobby delivers access credentials within the client’s existing access control infrastructure in order to activate or deactivate cards.


And more...

Official Technology Partner of Genetec

Access Control

Fully customizable to fit your business needs

Once a communication link is set up between iLobby and an access control system, iLobby can perform a wide variety of tasks to automate access credential issuance and processing of visitors, contractors and employees entering your facilities. Depending on client requirements, process flows, and the specific access control system in use — iLobby can be customized to fit your business needs.

  • Authentication and validation mechanisms
  • Access rule management
  • Card activation/deactivation
  • Card dispensing

Access control use cases

Enterprise clients need to be able to issue temporary credentials to visitors and contractors in order to track and control their movement throughout the facilities. iLobby handles the visitor registration process, meeting all security and procedural objectives of the site, and automatically issues temporary credentials that are compliant with the site’s access control policies.

Drivers License Scanning


Card Issuance

A stack of reusable cards is preconfigured with the access control system, but are deactivated by default.

When visitors sign in, iLobby communicates with the access control system to activate the card. Once deactivated on sign-out or expiration, the card can be reused for the next guest.

Card Issuance


Automatic Card Dispensing

iLobby’s kiosk dispenses cards, and is in charge of informing the access control system of card activations/deactivations.

When a visitor signs in, the iLobby card dispenser will provide the physical card automatically, and onboard it onto the access control system. When the visitors leave, they return the card to the card dispenser to be reused.

Schedule Reporting


Employee Record Matching

iLobby issues temporary access cards to Employees when certain criteria is met.

iLobby queries the access control system for a matching employee record, and activates/ deactivates both temporary and permanent cards, as required.

Trusted for the most demanding installations

Our team has been working side by side with industry leaders in access control, physical security, safety and site management to deliver fully integrated systems without sacrificing any of our core security and value principles.

iLobby has become an integral part of day-to-day operations in Fortune 500 companies and major institutions, such as Toronto Pearson International Airport, Scotiabank, Canada Post, Manulife, Pepsi, Netflix, CBC, Unilever, LG, PCL Construction, and many more.

Add an extra layer of security

ID Scanning


Identity Verification

Increase accuracy of information collected by requiring visitors and contractors to scan their government issued IDs or passports.

Blacklist Checks


Restricted Access

Run checks against internal or third party watchlists to verify visitors against online databases in order to restrict access when needed.

Collect Info


Authorization Verification

Validate known credentials against other systems, including access control and SSO, to grant or deny visitor requests, while maintaining logs for an audit trail.

Need to integrate with access control in your facility?

iLobby can connect with almost any access control system to control how visitors and employees are managed in your building. Please contact us to discuss your Access Control needs.