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iLobby® + Salesforce

iLobby captures visitor contact information from sign-ins, and automatically creates objects in Salesforce or connects it to existing records. This allows you to leverage your data by tracking and managing all points of contact in one place.

  • Add data or update existing leads in your Salesforce
  • Track your data all in one place to leverage data analytics and reporting
  • Log customer meetings in Salesforce upon visitor sign-in
  • Map iLobby fields to Salesforce fields

Track physical visits to the office

Extend the customer tracking capabilities of Salesforce by integrating physical visit tracking. When iLobby’s visitor sign-in matches a customer record in Salesforce, information about the time and length of the in-person meeting will be pushed to Salesforce.

This allows you to track physical visits to the office, as well as integrate this information into your customer’s history in order to track and manage all points of contact in your sales process, into one place. This is especially helpful when sales meetings go offline and clients come to meet in person.

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Don't see what you need?

iLobby can integrate with anything that has an API. If the integration is not listed or if you require a custom integration, feel free to contact us.