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iLobby® + Slack

Slack is an online collaboration system and instant messaging platform to centralize all your notifications into one searchable place, and make it easier for teams to have discussions.

Integrating iLobby with Slack ensures that your employees receive notifications and can greet guests in a timely manner. This gives your employees the option to receive their messages in a way that’s convenient for them.

Receive Host Notifications
in Slack

iLobby interacts with Slack to give your employees the native app experience they’re accustomed to in Slack.

  • Direct Messages
  • Channel Messages
  • On Desktop App
  • On Mobile App
Slack Host Integration
Visitor Arrival Notifications

Visitor Arrival Notifications

When a visitor signs in, the host will be sent a private Slack direct message alerting them that their guest has arrived. Alternatively, iLobby can send a channel message to notify a specific group of people.

Watchlists Overrides

Watchlist Overrides

When a visitor is matched to a record on a watchlist, the employee will receive a message such as: “John Smith from Big Company, visiting Alex Brown at Head Office was found in the following watch lists: ITAR Block.Action Performed: Status changed to Denied. Click here to Override”

Sign Out Reminders

Sign-Out Reminders

After a certain time has elapsed, visitors will be prompted to sign out their visitor with a message such as: “John Smith from Big Company hasn’t signed out yet. Click here to sign out visitor”

Send Meeting Invites


Automatically send an email invite to guests which includes a map with directions, a QR code, and a personalized link for pre-registration.

How it looks

iLobby provides a native, familiar experience within the Slack interface.

Slack Integration
Notification Preferences

Each employee can choose their own preference

Hosts can choose to receive their notifications directly in Slack. Employees can easily enable their Slack notifications from their personal settings.

Increase productivity by connecting iLobby®
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Don't see what you need?

iLobby can integrate with anything that has an API. If the integration is not listed or if you require a custom integration, feel free to contact us.