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We prioritize data security

We can help you meet even the strictest data privacy requirements. Our team is experienced in addressing and meeting all data security needs for major banks, international airports, Fortune 500 companies, and more.

iLobby has stringent processes and measures in place to control data security and ensure that your data is protected. We actively monitor the use, collection, retention, disclosure, and disposal of personal, confidential, and sensitive information to proactively respond to potential threats and vulnerabilities. iLobby undergoes regular technical audits and penetration testing to ensure that our criteria are verified by an independent auditor to meet a high level of data security.

iLobby is devoted to the continuous availability and protection of your data and actively ensures that the system functions in accordance with our strict standards and Service Level Agreements.

We prioritize data security
Data Privacy

Data Privacy


Keep sensitive or personally identifiable data safe and confidential. With secure cloud storage, and regional data centers, we can help you comply with all of your data privacy requirements. Our proven processes keep your data safe, private, yet highly accessible.

Continued Availability

Continued Availability

99.99% UP TIME

Backed by Microsoft Azure’s world-class infrastructure and iLobby’s Service Level Agreements, iLobby delivers a reliable and virtually uninterrupted service. In environments where uptime is critical, iLobby has the option of a cellular connection to ensure that primary network connectivity disruptions never affect the system.




iLobby is built to meet all your compliance needs based on existing standards for data privacy and security, and consistent with the industry’s highest requirements which include SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR. iLobby gives you the reporting and audit support tools necessary for reporting in adherence to regulatory compliance.

Visitor Data Security

Here's how we keep
your data safe

iLobby is backed by the strongest, most reliable, flexible, and scalable infrastructure which is capable of supporting the demands of the world’s largest enterprises. Our cloud-based SaaS platform is built and hosted on Microsoft Azure’s trusted distributed services.

iLobby was built from the ground up with focus on security, reliability and compliance. We adhere to OWASP and use security focused software development practices. Our deployed hardware is fully managed and locked down within the iLobby environment.

We hold an array of industry-leading infrastructure certifications which ensure the solution meets and exceeds the strictest security and data privacy standards — including those mandated by highly regulated sites such as airports and Department of Defense installations.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Layers of data security

  • Data privacy & encryption
  • Regional data centers
  • Industry compliance
  • Single Sign-On integration
  • Secure cloud server
  • Annual penetration testing
  • Best practices coding
Layers of data security

Sensitive data & personally identifiable information

iLobby has strict protocols for handling Sensitive Data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and meets all common data privacy and encryption requirements. By default, data does not leave the iLobby SaaS platform and it does not get retained by the client’s systems, which reduces the client’s scope of compliance for easier oversight.

Keep visitor and host names private, yet accessible

Manage and delegate internal access to the iLobby platform by assigning specific permissions to users based on their corporate role and responsibility. Select from default system roles which include specific controls for security, management, IT, admins and receptionists — or create custom roles which directly reflect your organizational structure.

Keep visitor and host names private, yet accessible

Physically prevent access to data

iLobby’s turnkey enterprise solutions are built for data security, straight out of the box.

Secure, tamper-proof devices

iLobby devices are locked down to the iLobby application, preventing access to default system components and the operating system.

Anti-theft kiosks

Our kiosks are specifically hardened to resist tampering by restricting physical access to buttons, ports and connections. The hardware can also be bolted down to the floor, wall or desk.

True enterprise solution

iLobby hardware is delivered as a turn-key solution with enterprise-grade security in mind.

Discover how iLobby® meets your data privacy requirements