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Real-time visitor monitoring

Easily maintain a safe environment by monitoring all visitor traffic using the iLobby Dashboard.

The iLobby Dashboard keeps track of all visitors within each of your facilities. It helps maintain compliance by showing real-time data and providing your staff with tools they can use to centrally oversee and manage visitor and contractor traffic across the enterprise. The iLobby dashboard can be configured and customized to reflect specific user roles and permissions and is fully GDPR compliant.

Quickly View:

  • Current Visitors on Site
  • Upcoming visitors arriving today
  • Summary of most active hosts
  • Visitor volume statistics
  • Details and documents at your fingertips

Monitor who is in your building at all times


Keep data at your fingertips

Admins can access the dashboard overview from any device at any time, to always be aware of current and upcoming scheduled visits.

  • All-in-one dashboard view
  • Real-time data

Real-time notifications

Key personnel receive instant notifications when important events take place such as watchlist events triggered for unauthorized sign-in attempts and other custom events, as determined by your rules and policies.

  • Denied entry alerts
  • ‘Greylisted’ visitor sign-in alerts

Schedule automated reporting

Receive automated periodic email reports with full visitor logs and important details including watchlist hits, non-compliant visitors, and much more.

  • End of day reports
  • Monthly reports

Visually identify visitors and
contractors on-site

Guest badges visually separate visitors and contractors from permanent staff, and the badges can be color-coded to quickly identify the purpose of visit, level of access, or compliance and validity of the badge holder. iLobby automates the process of capturing visitor details and photos, and prints badges as required by the site’s policies.

Badges can be further customized using QR codes, RF chips and other enhancements, to extend the use of the badge for increased security, access control, and returning visitors.

  • Photo ID badges
  • Color-coded badges
  • Expiring badges

Preview expected visitors

Employees have the ability to send meeting invites directly from their email, and have visitors fill out all the information ahead of time from their smartphone or computer.

This gives admins and safety personnel an advanced look at who is expected to arrive at the building that day, prior to their arrival.

Automatically verify whether or not someone should be granted access


Permit List

Create an internal permit list for frequent and pre-authorized visitors in order to fast-track processing upon arrival, and granting additional access privileges if required.


Deny List

Create internal deny lists to automatically flag and report visitors which match known risk profiles such as ex-employees, known offenders, and persons matching specific identification criteria.



Integrate with external 3rd party databases to validate against managed or public criminal and compliance lists.


Access Control

Integrate and sync with access control systems to run reference checks against known credential holders in order to authenticate employees and visitors during the sign-in process.

Robust, Built-In Safety Features


Preventative Measures

iLobby provides various preventative measures to help you meet your safety and security requirements, including internal deny lists and third party watchlists which identify unauthorized visitors, and automate visitor tracking in the event of emergency evacuations.


Liability Waivers

Reduce liability and meet your health and safety needs by having audit-ready records to prove that each visitor and contractor followed and successfully completed the site induction process.


Site Security

iLobby gives you clear visibility of people traffic. Users can easily track and generate adhoc reports by date and time. iLobby can also distribute automated end-of-day reports showing complete site activity, identifying risks and unauthorized visitors.


Emergency Response

Real emergencies can be life-threatening and stressful. Safety is gravely impacted when key employees are expected to retrieve paper logs during their own evacuation process. iLobby allows all employees to focus on safely evacuating the building by relying on technology to deliver accurate information to the correct individuals, when it’s needed most.

Discover how iLobby® can help you meet safety requirements in your building