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Employee & Visitor
Screening Questionnaires

Mandatory Questionnaires provide a simple self-assessment tool to allow employees and visitors to identify any potential symptoms prior to arrival, or before being granted access to the building. These health checks can be used to self-assess whether an individual is exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness or breath, as well as to identify if they have recently traveled, or been in contact with a potential case.

Capacity Management for Social Distancing

Automatically track and manage the number of people in your workplace to enforce capacity requirements and facilitate social distancing. iLobby makes it easy to manage access to your facility, enforce capacity limits within every space, and allow individuals to request access on a one-by-one basis, if needed.

iLobby SocialDistance

iLobby made screening of visitors and social distancing an automated process

During these unchartered times, there is an increased importance in protecting of our employees, contractors, and visitors. The iLobby Screening Questionnaire has made screening of visitors to our site and social distancing an automated process, with little to no interaction between visitors and employees during the screening process and before being given access to our facility.

iLobby TimeStamps

Contact Tracing &
Automated Reporting

iLobby retains detailed employee and visitor logs to provide you with a digital and auditable trail of each individual who has accessed your facility during a specific timeframe. Should an incident occur, the logged and timestamped data can easily be exported into a report for efficient contact tracing.

High-Precision Body Temperature Readings

iLobby FeverCheck™ automates the body temperature reading of each individual that moves through your facilities to discreetly identify individuals who may pose a risk to your workplace. The high-precision thermal cameras can detect individuals with elevated body temperatures – a first indicator of a potential infection – in order to deny entry.


Fully Integrated into One Seamless Experience

The iLobby platform provides a complete end-to-end solution to fully manage employee and visitor sign-in processes, and automate the screening of each individual that moves through your facilities.


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