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Best Practices and Measures for Mitigating Risks During the

COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

Discover how to leverage technology to control and screen individuals during epidemics and global emergencies, without inhibiting or compromising regular business functions.

In the wake of epidemics and global emergencies, employers must react quickly to introduce short-term policies and increase the control of high-risk individuals who may have been exposed. At scale, this creates major challenges for large enterprises.

This whitepaper reveals how technology can be leveraged during epidemics to help:

  • Enforce short-term policies for each and every person moving through your building
  • Best practices for developing screening questions that identify high-risk individuals who may have been exposed to the virus
  • Efficiently implement screening measures for each and every visitor or employee, preferably prior to their arrival at your facility
  • Safeguard your employees and prevent spread of exposure

Discover how visitor screening technology can be used to implement emergency workflows to process and screen all people who walk through your organization’s doors. Fill in your information to download the free whitepaper now.

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