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From Paper to Pixels:
Physical Security Technology for a Safer Facility

In this session, security expert Jason Roup (Security Technology Manager at BASF) outlines how businesses can shift from traditional paper systems to digital security technologies, and how this transition can bolster security, streamline operations, and cut costs.

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Presented by
ASSP Speaker Jason Roup

Jason Roup, CISSP
Security Technology Manager, NA

Jason Roup is a veteran in the security technology sector. His expansive career began with the U.S. Army before he moved on to pivotal roles at Pfizer, Hemlock Semiconductor, Dow Corning, and currently BASF. His vast experience across multiple sectors affords him a unique perspective on security technology.


ASIS Speaker Jeff Gladwish

Jeff Gladwish
Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff Gladwish leads the go-to-market function at iLobby which includes Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Revenue Operations. Recently, iLobby was recognized by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, asserting itself as a leader in facility management, particularly for its visitor and emergency management solutions.