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Transforming Visitor Management with Technology

Global Pharma Organization Embraces Digital Transformation in Visitor Management

Transforming Visitor Management with Technology

iLobby was approached by one of the largest companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors to aid with optimizing their visitor management processes. Renowned for its groundbreaking work in medical research, this organization leads in developing innovative healthcare solutions that improve patient outcomes. Employing a vast, specialized workforce, this organization’s contributions span diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, touching the lives of millions around the world.


The Challenge

The company had encountered significant obstacles with its manual, paper-based visitor management processes. This inefficient approach proved cumbersome for handling the increase they saw in daily on-site visitors. Going from 5 to 10 visitors a day to more than 200 to 300 visitors and contractors a day, the organization needed a faster and more automated system.

As a result of their manual processes, the company was also struggling to easily and efficiently satisfy their operational demands and adhere to rigorous compliance standards, specifically ISO 27001 audit requirements. One of which mandated them to have an audit trail of who visited their site, how long they were present on-site, and who their host was.

Key Pain Points

1 - Streamlining visitor registration to manage high volumes

Streamlining visitor registration to manage high volumes

2 - Standardizing visitor management processes across multiple facilities

Standardizing visitor management processes across multiple facilities

3 - Achieving regulatory compliance in a highly regulated environment

Achieving regulatory compliance in a highly regulated environment

The Journey

In their search for a suitable upgrade, iLobby’s VisitorOS quickly caught their attention among the sea of visitor management solutions. The combination a user-friendly interface, a comprehensive set of features, deep expertise in highly regulated environments, and positive industry reviews made VisitorOS stand out.

The decision to implement VisitorOS was primarily driven by the Senior Manager of Facilities & Site Services, who, upon recognizing the inefficiencies of the existing manual system, took the initiative to seek a more advanced solution. Their hands-on approach included conducting initial online research, leading directly to the discovery of VisitorOS. The selection process also included engagement with critical internal parties, such as the IT department and an Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) officer, to ensure the solution met their technical requirements and safety standards.


iLobby's VisitorOS was selected for its straightforward implementation, user-friendly interface, and the dependable support from the iLobby team, all at a competitive price. The system's simplicity and functional adaptability made it a perfect fit for the company’s various global sites, addressing their visitor management needs effectively.

Following a successful pilot program at one location, the company proceeded to roll out iLobby’s VisitorOS across multiple facilities within its division. This expansion demonstrated the system’s scalability and effectiveness in meeting the diverse needs of the company’s operations, further solidifying the decision to choose VisitorOS for enhancing their visitor management processes globally.

Choosing iLobby

The deployment of VisitorOS across a number of facilities has brought about a significant transformation in the way the company manages visitor access and security. This solution has not only streamlined visitor management processes but has also played a pivotal role in enhancing site security, boosting operational efficiency, and ensuring adherence to stringent regulatory and compliance standards.

The deployment of VisitorOS across a number of facilities has brought about a significant transformation in the way the company manages visitor access and security. This solution has not only streamlined visitor management processes but has also played a pivotal role in enhancing site security, boosting operational efficiency, and ensuring adherence to stringent regulatory and compliance standards.

The integration of VisitorOS into operations led to a notable increase in security measures. By automating key processes, such as the issuance of photo badges and maintaining digital visitor logs, the system ensured that all visitors were properly identified and tracked during their time on-site. This level of detail and oversight is crucial in maintaining a secure environment across all facilities.

Operational efficiency saw a marked improvement as well. The VisitorOS platform enabled the handling of high visitor volumes with ease, significantly reducing wait times and improving the check-in experience for visitors. Reception staff, formerly bogged down by manual data entry and visitor registration, found their roles greatly streamlined. This efficiency allowed them to dedicate more time to other critical tasks, thereby enhancing overall productivity.


Achieving Regulatory Compliance in a Highly Regulated Environment 

In the pharmaceutical industry, adhering to safety, health, and regulatory standards is critical. Facing stringent audits and compliance demands, the company required a visitor management system that could efficiently track visitor data and ensure adherence to standards like ISO 27001, which requires detailed control and audit trails.

VisitorOS effectively addressed these needs with its capability to log detailed visitor information automatically, enhancing compliance during audits. This system meticulously recorded each visitor's details, facilitating adherence to regulatory requirements and preparation for future standards.

Moreover, VisitorOS showcased remarkable agility when it helped the company adapt their intake process with the addition of comprehensive health screening practically overnight when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. This not only allowed them to meet immediate health and safety requirements but also illustrated the platform’s capacity for rapid adaptability. VisitorOS ensured that they could continue its vital work without interruption while upholding their commitment to the pharmaceutical industry’s rigorous safety and security standards.

Streamlining Registration to Manage High Visitor Volumes 

Before adopting iLobby’s VisitorOS, the company struggled with a manual and inefficient visitor entry process, which only worsened as visitor numbers increased. This system led to long wait times and challenges in swiftly retrieving visitor information, impacting security and operational efficiency.

The switch to iLobby’s VisitorOS significantly enhanced their ability to manage visitor traffic. The automated system streamlined registration, identification, and tracking, issuing photo badges for better security and keeping accurate digital records to reduce errors. The quicker check-in process alleviated bottlenecks and improved the visitor experience, allowing reception staff to focus on other tasks and enhancing site security by ensuring only authorized visitors gained entry.

By transitioning to VisitorOS, they effectively met the demands of high visitor volumes, demonstrating a commitment to using technology to bolster security, efficiency, and the professionalism of its visitor management approach.


Standardizing Visitor Management Processes Across Multiple Facilities 

The company sought to implement a consistent visitor management process across its facilities in the division.

The shift to VisitorOS allowed the organization to unify its visitor management, offering a centralized view of visitor activities like pre-registrations and sign-ins from one dashboard. This enhancement improved security and operational oversight across all its facilities.

This standardization strategy, critical for a global enterprise, also allowed for better data analysis and continuous improvement in visitor management practices, adhering to best practices for scalability and adaptability.

Key Benefits

The pharmaceutical company selected VisitorOS for its:

  • User-friendly interface and simplicity
  • Reliable service and support
  • Competitive pricing

The Benefits

Transitioning to VisitorOS has led to several practical and measurable improvements to the day-to-day operations of their facilities, namely in enhancing efficiency and security of their visitor management operations.


Here are the key benefits realized from implementing VisitorOS:

  • A user-friendly interface that simplified the visitor check-in process for both employees and guests.
  • The elimination of outdated manual processes, such as the need for physical sign-in sheets and manual email notifications for visitor arrivals.
  • Strengthened security protocols through photo identification badges and digital visitor tracking.
  • The capability for accurate and rapid generation of reports, aiding in compliance and audit processes.
  • Enhanced visibility and control over visitor movements across global facilities, ensuring a secure and compliant operating environment.

Through the adoption of VisitorOS, the company has not only addressed the immediate challenges of managing visitor access but has also laid a solid foundation for future growth and adaptability in its visitor management practices.

This customer’s successful deployment of VisitorOS exemplifies the platform's flexibility and effectiveness in meeting the complex needs of a leading biotechnology company. The company highly recommends iLobby’s VisitorOS for its ability to enhance visitor management processes, ensure compliance, and improve operational efficiency.

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