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Emergency & Evacuation Management Platform

Improve Emergency Event Efficiency and Processes

Reduce Risk, Minimize Downtime and Avoid Costly Penalties with Digitized Emergency Alerts, Evacuations and Reporting

Digitize emergency management at all stages of evacuation image

Digitize Emergency Management at all Stages of Evacuation

  • Digitize labor-intensive manual practices for more efficient and auditable records
  • Generate a real-time list of employees and visitors present on-site during emergency events to improve visibility
  • Improve visibility and access to all evacuation data by centralizing it on a dashboard for analysis and reporting
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Gain visibility into all evacuation processes image

Get Instant Access to Evacuation Data and Insights

  • Simplify reporting of evacuation performance for internal and regulatory purposes with a digital audit trail
  • Monitor and optimize evacuation processes by accessing real-time and historical evacuation data
  • Establish best practice processes across multiple facilities
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Elevate communication across all teams image

Elevate Communication Across all Teams

  • Link with iLobby's Visitor Management Systems, VisitorOS, to send real-time updates to employees, visitors, and contractors
  • Establish a direct communication channel between evacuees and Safety Officers by providing instant updates on evacuation status
  • Minimize expensive downtime and facilitate a faster return to work
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Did You Know?

Through the application of best-in-class technology, companies can reduce risk, enhance safety, support regulatory compliance requirements, and minimize downtime.

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50 %
Cannot access a list of current onsite visitors
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52 %
Have expressed interest in improving processes
Balance security and employee needs icon
56 %
Feel they have not effectively balanced security and employee needs
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61 %
Cannot monitor live status during emergencies

Key Benefits

Digitize Evacuation Processes

Say goodbye to inefficient manual evacuation processes. With digital oversight of the evacuation and mustering process, EmergencyOS helps to remove the manual effort of error-prone, paper-based processes and decreases costly downtime.

Extend Communication

Remove communication barriers for non-employees. Integration with Visitor Management Systems, such as iLobby’s VisitorOS, allows temporary visitors and contractors to be included in real-time communication channels and critical updates.

Communicate in Real-Time

EmergencyOS active messaging features allow Safety Officers to communicate instantly with all evacuees during an emergency via standard SMS and phone calls within the app.

Gain Real-Time Visibility

EmergencyOS provides Safety Officers access to an up-to-date list of employees, including visitors and contractors potentially impacted by an emergency evacuation situation – all visible in a centralized interface.

Perform Digital Roll Calls

Manual paper-based roll calls are time-consuming and often incomplete. With EmergencyOS, Safety Officers can save valuable time with digital roll calls. The latest status from all evacuees is automatically gathered. Have multiple mustering points? No problem! The data is stored in a remotely accessible central location.

Tailor Emergency Responses

EmergencyOS lets you create and customize procedures and notifications for various emergency scenarios with precision. Configure response flows, tailor your messages, and ensure timely communication during the most critical moments.

Evacuation Reporting

Collect and store evacuation data such as the nature of the event, emergency event duration, individual evacuation times, and more. EmergencyOS provides a digital record of evacuation events along with complied detailed evacuation metrics for all facilities providing company-wide visibility across your entire enterprise.

Compliance Reporting

EmergencyOS allows you to maintain detailed reports essential for internal and external audits and regulatory compliance by recording a full and complete digital audit trail and evacuation log of every evacuation event. Save time, improve accuracy, and avoid penalties and costly audits.

Data Driven Improvements

EmergencyOS provides you with the data needed to help detect and isolate potential future issues and identify actionable opportunities to implement ongoing evacuation process improvements. Leverage historical evacuation data to track trends over time, quickly identify points of friction, and highlight areas of weakness.

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End-to-End Functionality

iLobby's emergency evacuation solution provides digital oversight at every stage of an organization’s emergency response.

EmergencyOS end-to-end functionality diagram

Notifications and alerts icon
Notifications & Alerts

Leverage a digital list of on-site personnel via your visitor management, time and attendance, or access control systems or notify the entire company's directory about a critical emergency event on-site.

Evacuations and mustering icon
Evacuations & Mustering

Precisely design, manage, and automate evacuation procedures, including mustering and roll calls, which can be triggered and managed by multiple individuals via the EmergencyOS portal or mobile app.

Safe, efficient return-to-work icon
Safe, Efficient Return-to-Work

EmergencyOS digitally coordinates each phase of an evacuation and mass-communication protocols which combine to minimize costly facility down-time and orchestrate an effective return to work.

Reporting & improvements icon
Reporting & Improvements

With a digital audit trail of every evacuation event, including performance results of each evacuation participant, EmergencyOS centralizes this data for reporting, regulatory compliance requirements, and for internal improvement opportunities.

Emergency and Evacuation Management 101

What is Emergency and Evacuation Management Software?

Emergency and evacuation management solutions are designed to provide digital oversight of each stage of an organization’s emergency response, from notification and evacuation management, through coordinating the return to work and post-evacuation reporting and analytics. Through the application of best-in-class technology, companies can reduce risk, enhance safety, support regulatory compliance requirements, and minimize costly downtime. 

Build confidence in your evacuation process with EmergencyOS, a powerful emergency preparedness tool.

How Does EmergencyOS Work?

iLobby's emergency and evacuation management solution, EmergencyOS, helps organizations be proactive about the safety and security of everyone in a facility during evacuation events - including visitors and contractors. It goes beyond point solutions to help you optimize the emergency management for all stages of evacuation - from notifications and evacuations to returning on-site, post emergency event reporting, and analytics. 

By providing digital oversight of the evacuation process, EmergencyOS serves as your source of truth for the status of evacuees - including employees, visitors and contractors. Since EmergencyOS can integrate with existing address books and mass notification systems, it automatically collects visitor data enabling Safety Officers and administrators to communicate with all on-site personnel and visitors in real-time. And with a full digital audit trail of each drill and evacuation, companies can easily report on each event and analyze detailed metrics for continuous improvement. 

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