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Facility Management. Simplified.

FacilityOS, from iLobby®, powers complex enterprises - such as manufacturing, industrial and other high-security environments - by optimizing and digitizing safety, security and compliance protocols.


The Enterprise Facility & Visitor Management Platform

iLobby's FacilityOS is a facility management platform used by security professionals, facility managers, compliance teams, and operational leadership to drive safety, security and compliance across complex facilities around the world. Trusted by over 1,000 companies and deployed at 6,000+ locations around the world.


Streamlined, Secure Visitor Management

Built specifically for enterprises with mission-critical facilities and infrastructure, VisitorOS improves workplace safety, security and compliance through automation and people-powered support.

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Emergency Alerts, Evacuations & Mustering

Be prepared for when the unexpected occurs. EmergencyOS improves the efficiency and speed of your evacuations and ensures all visitors are accounted for in the event of an emergency.

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Optimized Package Collection & Verification

Track and manage all your deliveries at a glance, including incoming packages. DeliveryOS gives you confidence knowing the status and location of every package and mail item coming into your facility.

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Seamless Employee Access Management

From capacity management to compliance reporting and everything in between, WorkforceOS simplifies and streamlines workforce management responsibilities for increased efficiency and enhanced security.

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The iLobby Difference

iLobby's innovative, SaaS-based visitor and facility management platform was built to streamline the management of personnel and facility data. Powered by proven processes, people and technology, iLobby is reimagining how organizations can keep their people and their facilities safe, secure and compliant.

True Turnkey Solutions at Your Fingertips

iLobby’s combination of hardware, software and customer support are unrivalled. We pride ourselves on creating turnkey experiences that streamline onboarding and get you up and running in days, not months.

Hardware + Software
Hardware and Software Drive Automation

Move away from pen and paper and embrace enterprise-level hardware and software that optimize automation and reduce human error. Our technologies can be customized to your business needs to promote instant, out-of-the-box value.

Track, Monitor & Report in Real-Time

Keep your people and data safe with the platform that always keeps you in the know. iLobby lets you seamlessly track, monitor and report on one facility or hundreds around the world from a single dashboard, from anywhere at any time.

A Platform That Scales Alongside Your Organization

Layering in new protocols and technologies is often easier said than done. As your organization grows, iLobby scales alongside it. The FacilityOS™ modules can be purchased together or independently and scaled over time.

6000 +
Sites Deployed
50 +
25 +

Compliance Integrations

iLobby already meets most compliance standards for data security and on-premise monitoring, and can be configured to meet your unique needs.


What Can iLobby Do For You?

Request a demo to see how our platform can be tailored to accommodate your particular organizational needs.

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