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Physical Identity and Access Management Software

Extend the Benefits of Access Control to Visitors & Contractors

SecurityOS extends the benefits of access control systems enabling dynamic and complex facilities to manage visitor identities and temporary physical access with intelligent, rule-based workflows and automation.

Securely and Efficiently Issue, Track, and Manage Temporary Physical Access for Visitors

Easily Manage the Flow of People – Beyond Employees – In Your Facility

Easily Manage the Flow of People – Beyond Employees – In Your Facility

  • Eliminate the inconvenience of using access control systems for dynamic scenarios and easily supplement access control to support complex and changing requirements
  • Streamline and automate temporary visitor management for building access
  • Save resources and reduce costs by minimizing the need for visitor escorts
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Enhance Site Security with Rule-Based Controls

  • Minimize risks, enhance physical security, and remove dependencies on authorized personnel
  • Ensure timely, error-free access issuance for visitors, contractors, and temporary employees
  • Eliminate the need to rely on cumbersome and error prone manual credential issuance
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Increase Visibility and Control

Increase Visibility and Control

  • Effortlessly track temporary visitors throughout your facility
  • See who accessed which entry points at what time, along with a history of issued credentials
  • Maintain detailed digital audit logs for compliance requirements and seamless security incident resolution
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Did You Know?

Large numbers of compliance related activities and building access are attributed to temporary employees, visitors, and contractors. Traditional Access Control systems offer enhanced property security, granting staff facility access while denying access to unauthorized individuals, but they are not designed to support these temporary credentials and dynamic use cases.

That is where SecurityOS comes in. It enhances Access Control systems to support these complex requirements by enabling access control management for visitors, contactors, and temporary employees.

Rely on employees to open doors
47 %
Rely on employees to open doors
Average time to issue credentials
12 mins
Average time it takes to issue credentials
Average cost of a FOB or access card
15 $
Average cost of a FOB or access card

Key Benefits

Control Who Gets Access

Rest assured that guests are only granted access to your facility when and where it’s required. Create personalized permission sets to specify which access points to include, when access is active (which days and times), and the duration of time access will be granted (start and end dates).

Automate Provisioning

Issuing access is time-sensitive, error-prone, and cumbersome, requiring specific authority and posing risks if not handled properly. Remove ambiguity around who gets access to what, eliminate human error and increase security with rule-based automation. With SecurityOS, you can use workflows to automate identity lifecycle management and permission provisioning for facility visitors when signing into VisitorOS.

Extensive Reporting

Gain visibility over the movement of temporary visitors within your facility with a complete digital log of all current and historical credentials issued. See access logs for access points, access levels by person and more. With comprehensive physical security analytics, SecurityOS allows you to track and monitor the usage of temporary credentials giving you visibility into who is accessing your space. 

Expire on Sign-Out

Optionally choose to configure visitor access tags to expire on sign-out. Alternatively, set permissions to automatically expire after a set amount of time.

Centralized Management

Streamline operations and save valuable time with SecurityOS. With a centralized system to manage and administer temporary credentials across multiple locations or facilities, Administrators have complete visibility across their entire business.

Control Points of Entry

Use your iLobby provided hardware or integrate with third-party access control systems to control points of entry such as doors, turnstiles, gates, elevators and more. SecurityOS is not a replacement for access control – it extends the benefits for complex, dynamic requirements.

Data Privacy and Compliance

SecurityOS adheres to data privacy regulations and industry-specific compliance requirements, safeguarding personal information collected during the temporary credential management process.

And More!

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Safely Manage Visitor Access

Safely managing access for visitors is a blind spot for many organizations. SecurityOS gives you complete visibility into visitor movement onsite.

Safely manage visitor access with SecurityOS diagram

Issue Daily Credentials with SecurityOS
Issue Daily Credentials

Set up credentials such as day passes for visitors, contractors or temporary workers, which automatically expire upon sign-out. Prevent the re-use of credential by enforcing daily sign-ins.

Grant Recurring Access with SecurityOS
Grant Recurring Access

Issue recurring credentials for specific access points, such as for a head office employee working from your facility for the month, or service people needing entry to a machine room every two weeks. Credentials remain valid for a predetermined duration before requiring renewal.

Issue Credentials for an Event with SecurityOS
Issue Credentials for an Event

Provide credentials to visitors coming in for an event. Facility access remains active for the event duration and expires automatically on completion. Sign-in is enforced at the initial visit and credentials can then be reused for the remaining time. 

Issue Credentials Manually with SecurityOS
Issue Credentials Manually

Set up credentials on the fly for an employee who forget their access card. Email a QR code that can be used to gain access for the day allowing in and out for the day without signing in to your Visitor Management System.

Additional Platform Modules


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Simplified Workforce Management

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