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Manage a Workforce That Can Flex With the Future

Today, the ‘new normal’ never sticks around for long. WorkforceOS™ keeps your facilities secure yet flexible to help you better ​​control, automate and enforce site access and health and safety requirements.

Trusted by Enterprises Worldwide

Our platform is trusted by more than 1,000 companies and deployed at over 5,000 locations worldwide.

Your Seamless Employee Access Management Solution

Complex work environments require special care and attention. iLobby ensures vendors, contractors, partners, visitors, and your own people move seamlessly through your workplace under safe, secure and compliant conditions.

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Enforce Rules Define & Automate Custom Health & Safety Rules


Establish processes to safeguard staff in multiple locations, as well as to comply with government regulations that affect how employees need to be managed when on site.

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Manage Capacity Automate & Manage Capacity & Headcount


Automatically track and manage which spaces individuals can enter and enforce capacity limits by department, floor or zone.

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Real-Time Information Manage All Sites In One Centralized Dashboard


Benefit from the flexibility to layer a number of rules for each of your specific facilities, managed from one central, remotely-accessible dashboard.

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Employee Time Tracking Planning and Scheduling Tools smooth Timelines


Schedule visits and pre-assign resources, including meeting rooms, desk space and A/V equipment.


Providing Strong Solutions for Complex Work

From capacity management to compliance reporting and everything in between, WorkforceOS™ gives you the power to simplify and streamline workforce management responsibilities for optimized efficiency and enhanced security.

Our Integrations

Connect WorkforceOS™ With Your Existing Tools

iLobby aims to build on your existing tech stack, not dismantle it, so we built WorkforceOS™ to be integrated with your existing access control systems. If you’re starting from scratch, we can quickly and seamlessly integrate with your critical entry points.

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Who We Serve

Built for the Modern-Day Enterprise

Operating in sites for major governments, banks, airports, manufacturers, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide, iLobby strikes the perfect balance between people, processes and technology to deliver unmatched visitor management solutions.

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What You Get With WorkforceOS

Managing a safe, secure, and compliant workforce has never been easier.

  • Employee Workflows

    Ensure that each employee arriving at work has been properly screened prior to their arrival. Use WorkforceOS™ to build mobile-friendly health questionnaires for visitors to complete before their scheduled arrival, and again on the day of to confirm that they are still feeling well.
  • Capacity Management

    Build a workplace that can evolve with changing regulations. WorkforceOS™ enables social distancing in your facilities by enforcing maximum capacities that limit how many people can safely be in any area of your sites at one time.
  • Incident Management

    Be ready for the unexpected. Should an incident or emergency occur, organizations can quickly generate a report of each individual that was on-site during any specific timeframe. This enables faster contact tracing and proof of compliance.
  • Data Security

    iLobby is built using enterprise-grade data security principles, infrastructure and encryption, allowing you to securely handle private and sensitive data. Protect personally identifiable information and ensure data is stored in adherence with your data retention policies.

Additional Platform Modules


Streamlined, Secure Visitor Management

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Emergency Alerts, Evacuations & Reporting

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Physical Identity and Access Management

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Optimized Package Collection & Verification

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What Can iLobby Do For You?

Request a demo to see how WorkforceOS can deliver immediate results for your organization.

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