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About Us

Welcome to iLobby. We're obsessed with facility safety, security and compliance - and the success of our clients. Keep reading for more information about our origin and mission.

Our Story

Back in 2014, paper was everywhere. Despite the enduring promise of the “paperless office”, many companies managed their critical safety, security, and compliance processes using nothing but a pen and paper. Rife with serious risks – such as illegibility, paper fragility, poor auditability, and more – companies had few better options despite the regulatory and legal risks they would face should a problem occur.

The first version of the iLobby solution was created not as publicly available software to solve these challenges industry-wide, but as an internal project to solve these challenges at a single company. Our CEO, recognizing the broad applicability and strength of the software, worked to create a spinoff stand-alone SaaS company known as iLobby. And in doing so we became a pioneer in the rapidly growing facility and visitor management market.

iLobby Values
The iLobby Team

Since those early days, we’ve continued to evolve and upgrade our technology based on client feedback. In fact, all our biggest customers started with a single iLobby kiosk but have dramatically expanded their relationship with us over time as we listened to feedback and implemented many of their suggestions. While it may sound cliché, we pride ourselves on our customer obsession – so much that it’s our #1 company value.

Over the past several years we’ve expanded the breadth of our cohesive facility management platform, FacilityOS. adding powerful modules such as DeliveryOS and EmergencyOS.

FacilityOS Platform

We couldn’t be more excited about the future of our platform and the impact it will have on facility operations.

It’s now 2023, and while the “paperless office” remains elusive we continue to focus obsessively on helping customers solve for their safety, security, and compliance goals through technology and automation. We doubt paper will ever fully disappear from our work environments, but if it does, we’re confident iLobby will be at the forefront of the movement for complex enterprises around the world.

Meet the Leadership Team

Our team is stacked with customer-obsessed leaders with experience delivering client value at both start-ups and F500 companies (and everything in between).

Chairman & CEO

Ariel Mashiyev

Chief Financial Officer

George Kypreos

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff Gladwish

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Khakhan

VP, Engineering

Igor Mokhnatkin

VP, Sales

Cory Gosselin

VP, Marketing

Jody Shaffer

VP, Revenue Ops

Dhru Jadavji

VP, Customer Success

Derek Vollebregt

Sr. Director, Finance

Michael Nicolaou

Sr. Director, Product Management

Thiago Lang

Director, HR

Norine Lau

Director, Demand Gen

Jessica Ezer

Director, Sales

Matthew Kieswetter

Director, Professional Services

Alon Yufidin

iLobby Awards

Awards, quite frankly, make us cringe as we’re more focused on the success of our clients than our own accolades. Nevertheless, we are proud of what they represent as an indicator that we’re hitting the mark and delivering strong value for our customers – big and small.

Ready to Join an Amazing Team?

We are not your average tech company. At iLobby, we encourage and empower our team to be the best they can be every single day.