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Customer Success Story

Visitor Management in Real Estate Development & Operations

Rapid Deployment, Lasting Results

Established almost 70 years ago, Menkes is a multidisciplinary real estate development company. Operating multiple commercial and residential buildings, Menkes properties represent some of the most iconic landmark buildings across Toronto.

With a focus on sustainability and environmental best practices in new building construction, Menkes is a multi-award-winning developer whose properties have become synonymous with quality and prestige.

To manage Ministry of Health guidelines, Menkes originally needed a visitor management system that would expedite the Return to Work initiative in its facilities.

Security & Property Management at Menkes

We sat down with Jason Larkin, Security Manager for the company’s downtown office portfolio at Menkes Property Management Services Ltd., to discuss the evolution of the use of iLobby at multiple locations. This interview explores why VisitorOS, iLobby’s visitor management software, was needed at the time of onboarding, how it is used now, and what's to come for the Menkes and iLobby partnership in the near future.

Before implementing iLobby, Menkes had used another third-party program for visitor management. This program was very basic, needing more time-saving features like visitor pre-registration.


With a rapidly growing portfolio, Menkes wanted to improve tenant experience with a solution that met immediate Ministry of Health guidelines and upgrade its current system to better complement its longstanding reputation for quality design and customer service excellence.


The Challenges

Comply with Stringent Return to Work Guidelines
Fast Implementation of the Visitor Management System
Automated Security & Property Management Processes


Complying With Return-To-Work Guidelines

Processing over 2,000 visitors per month across its office towers and headquarters, expediting return to work was essential for Menkes and its tenants. At the time, getting people back into the office meant complying with strict regulatory guidelines. In addition to communicating COVID protocols to entrants, there was also a need to enable and streamline a COVID flow check.

The iLobby visitor kiosk offered an elegant solution. Visitors used the kiosk for a self-guided check-in in which they were given Menkes' protocols and prompted to complete the flow check requirements. Only once they completed the flow check could the visitor finish the sign-in.

As tenant engagement and positive interactions with guests are of the utmost importance, having the ability to do this independently, while alongside staff who could provide assistance if needed for those new to the technology, was a great combination.


The visitor kiosk easily met Toronto Public Health’s contact tracing requirements by automatically storing check-in data.

Screening and tracking everyone from office workers to 3rd party vendors like dock management, cleaners, and security. Digitizing records offered further benefits, assisting Menkes in the LEED program to reduce waste-generating COVID forms.

Another COVID-related concern was the re-usable visitor badges that were currently in place. iLobby replaced these with disposable stickers. The visitor management kiosk prints off these disposable badges as soon as the guest signs or scans in.

Finally, iLobby's touchless capabilities reduced the need for contact while simultaneously increasing speed for returning visitors. Through pre-registration, guests receive all the necessary prompts and submit all data on their phones, allowing them to complete sign-ins prior to arrival. The guests then receive a QR code which they scan on arrival.



Speed of Implementation

For many businesses, speeding up the return to work was essential for getting back on track. Putting tenant needs first, Menkes wanted to ensure its office towers could expedite a return to offices. As such, fast implementation of the solution was essential and was another deciding factor in selecting iLobby.

iLobby's visitor management platform is a turnkey solution. The visitor management software (VMS) arrives bundled with the kiosk hardware. Settings and customizations are ready-to-go out of the box, meaning all the end user has to do is plug it in and connect to the network.

The product is intuitive and user-friendly, requiring no training for visitors and minimal training for administrators. As such, it was possible to get the solution up and running faster than other options.

Throughout the process, iLobby remains very involved. With Menkes, there was ongoing communication from paperwork to shipping to implementation. The team ran start-up meetings to answer all questions, conducted follow-ups, and provided support throughout.


Automation of Property Management & Security Process

The iLobby solution automates manual processes that congest building and facility management practices. The system improves efficiency at both ends, aiding Menkes and its visitors. Return visitor speeds are faster with digital records and QR codes allowing return guests to process themselves quickly. These automated processes also free up Menkes personnel, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks.

Forms and documents are collected and stored automatically, following set rules. Menkes can set how long to store data and has the flexibility to add custom forms and documents.

Beyond efficiency, automation also enhances building security. It is easier to meet compliance requirements, visitor host notifications are streamlined, and security guards spend more time on personal interactions, improving efficiency for tenants and guests.

The Results

In a post-pandemic world Menkes continues to use iLobby with great results:

MenkesWeb_Challenges copyvec
Menkes can now better monitor contractors with visitor tags — allowing security to identify and verify check-ins at a glance
Menkes can now accurately understand visitor volumes and trends
The ability to sign in and out with a QR code reduces resources used at the front desk
Automatically notify visitors of Fire Alarms and other essential communications that weren't possible before

Why iLobby?

When choosing your VMS, there are plenty of options. But our clients feel that we are the best visitor management system. In a recent buyer experience report conducted by SoftwareReviews, 100% of iLobby users planned to renew their licenses, with 93% saying they love using VisitorOS.

For Menkes, what set iLobby apart from the competition was more than the ability to meet Return to Work requirements. Menkes looked forward, seeking a solution to help meet its day-to-day needs and growth.

These features set iLobby apart, keeping the visitor management solution as an important tool in the Menkes belt, even as things begin to normalize.

With the aid of iLobby, Menkes was able to fulfill requirements for its Return to Work plan according to Health Department standards in a timely manner.

HubSpot Video

An unexpected benefit of iLobby’s VisitorOS solution is found in discovering cost-saving opportunities at an organization-wide level.

The online dashboard makes it easy for Menkes to verify time on-site for its sub-trades, offering a quick and efficient tool for identifying time on, and off, site for projects. Insights like these not only drive cost-savings but also help correct issues and prevent future reoccurrences.


Key Benefits

When it came time to make a final decision on which visitor management system to choose, iLobby was the only solution that offered all of Menkes' must-have features.

These seven features have become an integral part of Menkes' daily operations:


  • Ease of use

  • Ability to hold data from completed forms–and set specified periods of time

  • Easing compliance

  • Contactless integration

  • Flexibility to add custom forms and documents

  • Opportunity to expand and scale use

  • Simple and comprehensive dashboard to provide snapshots and key details


What's Next for Menkes & iLobby?

Currently, iLobby kiosks are in use at Menkes headquarters as well as the loading bays and front desks of multiple downtown office towers. Although the initial use was very COVID-focused, it has matured into a daily essential tool for Security and Property Management.


Menkes' portfolio continues to grow while placing a high value on its vendor partnerships and relationships. As such, the use of iLobby VisitorOS will continue to grow with Menkes' portfolio, with a possible expansion to tenant spaces in the future.

I couldn’t recommend this system more.

iLobby handled all our concerns. The sign in process was VERY quickly adopted by both our staff and visitors with very minimal training needed. Everything was so intuitive. Employees are notified when they have a guest, and we appreciate that we no longer needed to ‘track someone down.’ I couldn’t recommend this system more.

Senior Facilities Manager

...the process was excellent.

It was very collaborative right from the get-go, and the process was excellent. It was a pleasure to deal with the people that you had on your team, the results were what we expected and there's the capability of continuing improvement, and always good support. 

Jeff Thorn
Manager, Security Operational Support

I strongly recommend iLobby...

LG has been using the iLobby product at our HQ facility in Canada to register all our visitor activity for quite some time now. We found that iLobby has an excellent quality, very efficient, and very effective product. I strongly recommend iLobby to any other facility that is seeking to move from a manual process of registering visitors to an automated process.

Shawn Lee
Facility Manager

...rollout was completed ahead of schedule...

Consolidated Container Company (now Altium Packaging) recently rolled out the iLobby visitor management system to over 60 locations across the US and Canada. This rollout was completed ahead of schedule and iLobby representatives kept an open line of communication during this process, ensuring that the rollout for each site was completed as smoothly as possible.

Avik Purkayastha
Project Manager

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