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Visitor Management System


Streamlined, Secure, Visitor Management

Pre-loaded and pre-configured on enterprise-level hardware, VisitorOS™ is uniquely placed to meet the specific needs of your organization and its critical entry points. Keeping your people safe and company in compliance has never been easier.

Trusted by Enterprises Worldwide

Our platform is trusted by more than 1,000 companies and deployed at over 6,000 locations worldwide.

Industrial Visitors

Optimize the Complete Visitor Check-in Process

In today’s world, entry point processes for your facilities need to be optimized for enhanced security, safety and efficiency. But making it happen is often easier said than done. Built specifically for enterprises with mission-critical facilities and infrastructure, VisitorOS™ improves workplace safety, security and compliance through game-changing automation and people-powered support.

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Find out how you can automate and tailor visitor sign in flows for optimal tracking, enhanced site safety.

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Keeping Your Complex Work Environment Safe, Secure and Compliant

VisitorOS™ has been designed to lift the burden of workplace security and compliance. Our all-in-one solution takes your list of compliance, safety and security requirements, and turns it into one simple, automated experience for all of your visitors.

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Visitor Management Optimize the complete visitor check-in process

Automate long, manual check-in processes that require document signing, training verification, safety sign-off, and more.

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Site Security Improve employee safety & security after hours

Access anywhere means you can keep employees and visitors safe after hours when a receptionist or security officer may not be on-site.

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Site Specific Rules Customize the sign-in process

Create unique workflows for each visitor type to match your business requirements and optimize the visitor experience.

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Complete Visibility Real-time visitor monitoring

Easily maintain a safe environment by monitoring all visitor traffic through the iLobby Dashboard, from anywhere at any time.

What You Get With VisitorOS™

Getting started with our premier visitor management solution is as simple and straightforward as it gets.

  • Hardware & Software

    No devices? No problem. iLobby provides and supports all the hardware and software needed to start using VisitorOS™ right away. Access real-time data, documents, and reports across all your locations, all in one place.
  • Pre-configuration

    Our enterprise-level hardware is shipped to each of your facilities and is ready for operation straight out of the box. We pre-configure our tools so that you can immediately start reaping the benefits of VisitorOS™.
  • Centralized Dashboard

    Managing multiple sites has never been easier. VisitorOS™ gives you a single dashboard to manage and oversee visitor and contractor interactions across all your facilities, giving your teams a centralized source of truth to work from.
  • Ongoing Support

    Enabling your teams to get the most out of VisitorOS™ is our top priority. From in-depth training sessions to ongoing support when and where you need it, iLobby is always here to help.

Hear From Who Matters

Who We Serve

Built for the Modern-Day, Complex Enterprise

Operating in facilities for manufacturers, warehouses/logistics, banks, airports, and many Fortune 500 companies worldwide, iLobby strikes the perfect balance between people, processes and technology to deliver a unique experience, and unrivalled visitor management solutions.


Connect VisitorOS™ With Your Existing Tools

iLobby aims to build on your existing tech stack, not dismantle it, so we built VisitorOS to be integrated with your existing access control systems. If you’re starting from scratch, we can quickly and seamlessly integrate with your critical entry points.

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Additional Platform Modules


Emergency Alerts, Evacuations & Reporting

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Physical Identity and Access Management

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Optimized Package Collection & Verification

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Simplified Workforce Management

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What Can iLobby Do For You?

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