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Enhancing Security and Emergency Response

Ingersoll Rand Boosts Efficiency and Safety with Integrated Visitor & Emergency Management

Ingersoll Rand - Enhancing Security and Emergency Response

In the sprawling manufacturing sector, Ingersoll Rand has stood out since 1859 as a global supplier of industrial, energy, medical, and specialty vehicle products and services. With more than 30 manufacturing facilities worldwide, Ingersoll Rand consistently leads in innovation. However, as the industry evolves, so do the challenges—especially in ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations.

The Challenge

Ingersoll Rand faced several challenges managing their Ocala, Florida plant. With around 250 employees and numerous daily visitors, maintaining secure and efficient operations was crucial. Their existing visitor and emergency management process was not keeping pace with their needs, particularly in handling emergencies with the efficiency required in today’s fast-paced environment.

The primary concern was the efficiency of their method for communicating emergencies. The existing framework—an emergency phone line, PA announcements and individual text messages—was inadequate, especially in handling crises with the speed required in contemporary settings, which could compromise the safety of both employees and visitors. An overhaul was necessary to elevate the emergency response capabilities to industry-leading standards.


The situation reached a tipping point when, amidst organizational changes, the facility lost its emergency phone line. This system had been the cornerstone of their emergency response strategy, allowing employees to check on plant operations during events like power outages. The severance of this service coincided with the approach of severe weather, leaving Jason Desler, the plant's EHS & Facilities Manager, in urgent need of a new strategy.

Further compounding these issues was their visitor management system, which had become a bottleneck rather than an asset. The outdated system, reliant on a telephone and directory that sat in the lobby, involved a manual check-in process and gave unwelcome guests an open invitation to disrupt employees with unsolicited calls, significantly impacting workflow and overall security.

Key Pain Points

1 - Eradicating inefficiencies in emergency response

Eradicating inefficiencies in emergency response

2 - Optimizing the visitor management process

Optimizing the visitor management process

3 - Improving system integration capabilities

Improving system integration capabilities

The Journey

Finding a system that could integrate seamlessly with existing operational workflows was critical for Ingersoll Rand. The company needed to improve productivity without necessitating extensive downtime or restructuring, which could disrupt the plant’s daily operations.

Pursuing a solution led Ingersoll Rand to explore various options in the market, ultimately directing them toward iLobby. The decision-making process was meticulous, with a focus on finding a blend of visitor and emergency management solutions that would not only solve current issues but also scale with future needs.

Jason Desler, the EHS & Facilities Manager at Ingersoll Rand in Ocala, played an instrumental role in this transition. His insights into the daily operations and specific challenges of the facility were invaluable in pinpointing the necessary features and capabilities of the new system.


The team’s criteria were clear: the new system must be robust, capable of handling large volumes of data and interactions seamlessly, and scalable to accommodate growth and evolving operational demands. It was not merely about replacing the old system but transforming the operational dynamics of the facility. This comprehensive approach ensured that the chosen solution would not only resolve existing issues but also align with the long-term strategic goals of Ingersoll Rand.

The selection and implementation of iLobby's visitor and emergency management system at the Ocala facility was driven by its proven effectiveness in addressing the facility’s specific operational challenges. The collaborative efforts of the internal teams and iLobby also exemplified a shared commitment to achieving operational excellence.

Choosing iLobby

Integrating iLobby’s VisitorOS and EmergencyOS at Ingersoll Rand's Ocala site marked a decisive upgrade from the existing systems. Supported by iLobby’s comprehensive training resources, the facility enjoyed a smooth transition that allowed for rapid adoption and effective utilization of the new technologies. iLobby’s commitment to providing extensive support throughout the implementation facilitated this seamless shift.

Customized Solutions for Enhanced Operations 

The solutions deployed were specifically configured to meet Ingersoll Rand's unique needs, as Jason Desler, EHS & Facilities Manager, outlined. VisitorOS dramatically improved the facility’s visitor management process, enhancing both efficiency and security. Meanwhile, EmergencyOS transformed how emergency responses were handled, effectively reducing response times and significantly boosting communication capabilities.


Positive Feedback and Customization Capabilities

Initial feedback from using the new systems at the facility was overwhelmingly positive. Particularly noteworthy was the flexibility afforded by iLobby’s systems, such as the ability to tailor messages for tests or real emergencies—a feature Desler praised for its direct impact on operational efficiency. This customization capability allowed Ingersoll Rand to effectively overcome the constraints of the previous system, illustrating the significant advantages of integrating iLobby’s tailored solutions.

Strategic Installation and Immediate Benefits

The installation process was meticulously planned to ensure minimal disruption and seamless integration into existing workflows. This strategic approach paid off quickly as the new systems demonstrated effectiveness and reliability, instilling confidence across all levels of the facility’s operations. The positive impact of these systems was felt immediately, reinforcing the decision to transition to iLobby’s solutions.

Not long after the new systems were implemented at Ingersoll Rand’s Ocala plant, a severe weather alert was issued—a tornado was on the horizon. Jason faced the urgent task of alerting the staff. He accessed EmergencyOS, quickly typed out a message detailing the emergency procedures, and sent it out. Instantly, the message was delivered via text and email to employees across the plant, a vast improvement over the piecemeal alerts of the past. The clarity of the instructions provided much-needed reassurance to the staff as they prepared for the potential impact.

The new visitor management system transformed the front lobby of the Ocala facility into a high-tech entry point. Equipped with an automated kiosk, the visitor check-in process was greatly enhanced. This kiosk efficiently manages identification verification, badge printing, and logging of entry and exit times, making the process smooth and quick for visitors. The addition of automated badge printing is particularly important, as it enables safety and security personnel to rapidly identify visitors without one as not having followed proper check-in protocols.

Moreover, iLobby’s system includes features that extend beyond simple automation. The facility has incorporated training videos in the check-in process that visitors can complete upon arrival, ensuring they understand safety protocols before proceeding further into the facility. And with the option for visitors to pre-register in advance of their arrival, the check-in process is further streamlined, speeding up entry and reducing bottlenecks during peak times.

The Benefits

With iLobby's solutions in place, Ingersoll Rand achieved its goals and exceeded its expectations. Not only have they addressed critical operational challenges but also laid a solid foundation for future growth and adaptability in managing facility security and emergencies. Positive feedback flowed from both visitors and employees, highlighting the improved process and the systems' helpfulness in ensuring safety and efficiency.

  • Streamlined Emergency Communications: With EmergencyOS, Ingersoll Rand has enhanced its preparedness and response times during emergencies, meeting critical evacuation and roll call benchmarks within seven minutes.
  • Improved Visitor Management: The pre-registration process and robust visitor management system have effectively streamlined visitor flow, ensuring security without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Compliance and Efficiency: iLobby has enabled Ingersoll Rand to easily meet regulatory requirements, ensuring a secure and compliant operating environment.
  • Operational Insights: The data and insights provided by iLobby have empowered Ingersoll Rand to make informed decisions, boosting overall operational efficiency and safety.
  • Positive Stakeholder Feedback: Feedback from visitors and employees has been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the system’s impact on enhancing onsite experiences.

Ingersoll Rand’s implementation of iLobby’s VisitorOS and EmergencyOS is a testament to the power of embracing technological advances in the face of evolving challenges. They successfully turned potential crises into opportunities for growth and improvement while creating a safe and secure environment.

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