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Seamless Adoption, Elevated Efficiency

Implementing an Automated Visitor Management Solution in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Seamless Adoption, Elevated Efficiency
Maple Lodge Farms, Canada’s largest independently owned poultry processor

Maple Lodge Farms, Canada’s largest independently owned poultry processor, recognized the need to upgrade its old-fashioned paper sign-in procedure to a modern visitor management system. Their goal was to find a solution that would enhance security, improve efficiency, was easy to use, and would adhere to their strict regulatory requirements.

The paper-based system they were using was not only antiquated and insecure but also led to storage problems and limited visibility of visitors throughout the organization. With an average of 20-30 visitors daily, the demand for a more efficient and secure solution became increasingly evident.

Finding an Automated Visitor Management Solution 

Prior to implementing a visitor management solution, Maple Lodge Farms encountered several significant pain points with their outdated paper sign-in system. The system lacked the security of a photo badge, managing storage of completed forms was becoming a problem, and there was limited visibility regarding visitors across the entire organization.

Visitor traffic at Maple Lodge Farms typically consisted of around 20 visitors per day from Monday to Friday. However, the facility was seeing a rise in regular visitor traffic, with significant increases during plant tours. Before considering an automated visitor management solution like iLobby’s VisitorOS, Maple Lodge Farms relied on a paper sign-in document that necessitated daily printing of sheets, storage of old sign-in sheets, and visitor badges that did not include photos or names.

Maple Lodge Farms discovered iLobby through online research, where they found numerous positive reviews and endorsements from leading manufacturers. This prompted them to reach out for more information and consider implementing iLobby's facility and visitor management solution to address their existing challenges and improve their facility's security and efficiency. iLobby’s FacilityOS platform offered a portfolio of facility management modules, including VisitorOS.

Finding an Automated Visitor Management Solution 

Key Pain Points

1 - Outdated and insecure sign-in system

Outdated and insecure sign-in system

2 - Storage issues with completed forms

Storage issues with completed forms

3 - Limited visitors visibility across company

Limited visitors visibility across company

Choosing iLobby

The primary challenge Maple Lodge Farms wanted iLobby to resolve was the enhancement of security and efficiency within their visitor management process. They evaluated other similar products but ultimately selected iLobby due to their robust technology, ease of use, and exceptional customer service provided throughout the entire vendor selection process.

Throughout the purchasing journey, Maple Lodge Farms explored what solution would best address their immediate obstacles in addition to potential enhancements for future expansion, including the integration of their contractor insurance system and a more comprehensive package delivery system.

After an extensive vendor review process, Maple Lodge Farms implemented VisitorOS across three facilities, including their corporate headquarters, a distribution centre, and a facility in Mississauga, Ontario. This broad adoption of iLobby's visitor management system highlights its flexibility in enhancing security and efficiency across a variety of sites within the organization.

Aldo Fazzari, Maple Lodge Farms

Streamlining Visitor Management 

Before using iLobby’s visitor management system, VisitorOS, Maple Lodge Farms faced challenges in managing visitor check-ins and communication. With iLobby, they streamlined the process, saving time and reducing the need for receptionist intervention. This efficiency allowed receptionists to focus on other important tasks, significantly enhancing productivity and contributing to the company's overall efficiency.

VisitorOS helped Maple Lodge Farms reduce paper waste by replacing color printed log sheets with digital records. The platform also streamlined the sign-in process, reducing the need for receptionist intervention. This allowed the receptionists to have more time for other important tasks, leading to a significant enhancement in their productivity and, in turn, contributing to the company's overall efficiency.

Additionally, the iLobby solution provided enhanced security measures for Maple Lodge Farms by including a photo, name, and company name on each visitor badge. The platform enabled authorized personnel to track the duration of each visitor's stay, further strengthening security.

Once Maple Lodge Farms adopted VisitorOS, the results were immediately apparent. Their visitors responded favorably to the system, while employees found it straightforward to retrieve visitor history and produce reports for
auditing purposes.

Regulatory, Safety & Health Compliance 

VisitorOS has been invaluable for Maple Lodge Farms in meeting regulatory requirements by providing easy access to comprehensive visitor logs for audits. The newly streamlined record-keeping process ensures that Maple Lodge Farms can readily demonstrate compliance with any necessary inspections or assessments.

As part of the visitor sign-in process, Maple Lodge Farms requires all visitors to read and agree to their visitor policies. With iLobby's platform, this step is seamlessly integrated into the sign-in flow, streamlining the process while educating visitors on the company's guidelines and ensuring adherence to vital regulations.

By incorporating these essential elements into the visitor sign-in process with a digital visitor management system, Maple Lodge Farms has successfully created a secure, efficient, and compliant environment for all who enter their facilities.

iLobby has further supported Maple Lodge Farms by enhancing health and safety procedures within their facilities, including the introduction of touchless sign-in features. These adaptations allowed the company to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for both visitors and employees alike.

Key Benefits

Maple Lodge Farms found VisitorOS to be the only solution that met all their essential requirements, including:


Simplicity of use


Current offerings addressed immediate needs


Exceptional customer service


Potential for future feature additions

Solving Real Challenges

iLobby's visitor management system, VisitorOS, successfully addressed multiple challenges that Maple Lodge Farms faced with their previous paper-based system.

The seamless transition to iLobby resulted in no implementation delays and has garnered positive feedback from visitors, while making it easier to access visitor history and reporting for audit purposes.

Since implementing VisitorOS, Maple Lodge Farms has observed reduced paper waste, increased productivity for receptionists, and improved security measures through detailed nametag photos. These changes have collectively enhanced the company's operational efficiency and compliance.

Through the implementation of VisitorOS, Maple Lodge Farms achieved:

  • Improved ease of use for both Maple LodgeFarms employees and visitors
  • Elimination of the need for manual email notifications when a visitor arrives
  • Enablement of a hands-free sign-in process
  • Increased security
  • Automated paperless file management
  • Accurate and speedy reporting
  • Increased visibility into visitors across multiple locations

When asked if they would recommend iLobby’s solution to other organizations in their industry, Maple Lodge Farms responded, “Absolutely.” The numerous benefits, including saving paper, toner, storage space, and improving security measures, make it an easy decision. With iLobby's visitor management system, companies can confidently enhance their security, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.


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