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Real-time Mustering Software

Improve and Automate Facility Evacuation Process

Effective evacuation processes rely on strategic organization, repeatable action and streamlined communication. Establish employee safety and communicate muster point information with a real-time emergency management system.


Digitizing the Mustering Process

A digitized, automated process alleviates the disorganization often associated with pen and paper visitor logs. Real-time evacuation lists and roll call - available via SMS and mobile app - simplify the process and allow for quick headcounts and effective emergency response.


Improved Efficiency and Speed of Evacuations

Set goals and evaluate evacuation performance, to monitor emergency response and improvements in your facility. Identify areas for optimization and enhance preparedness with iLobby's EmergencyOS solution.


Stronger Communication Channels

Enable 2-way communication during an evacuation event to allow for safety status check-ins and real-time headcounts. Powerful communication tools assist in rapid evacuations and keep emergency response teams up to speed. iLobby's EmergencyOS™ is a robust, purpose-built communication channel to empower leaders during evacuation events.

Compliance Integrations

iLobby already meets most compliance standards for data security and on-premise monitoring, and can be configured to meet your unique needs.


Our Partners Can Feel The Difference

The efficient way to manage our reception.

The system was easier than I thought it would be to set up. From candidates arriving for interviews to customers arriving for meetings, we are able to give attention to those taking their time to give us theirs.

Lore Balde
Administrative Assistant

It was very collaborative right from the get-go.

It was a pleasure to deal with the people that you had on your team, the results were what we expected and there’s the capability of continuing improvement, and always good support. 

Jeff Thorn
Manager Security Operational Support

The simple set up allowed us to roll out to 40 locations.

With iLobby we were able to standardize our visitor registration experience and provide a reliable service to our receptionists and visitors alike.

Thomas Michaeler
IT Global Application & Innovation Manager


The Platform for Enterprise Facility & Visitor Management

iLobby's FacilityOS is a facility management platform used by security professionals, facility managers, compliance teams, and operational leadership to drive safety, security and compliance across complex facilities around the world. Trusted by over 1,000 companies and deployed at 6,000+ locations around the world.


Streamlined, Secure Visitor Management

Built specifically for enterprises with mission-critical facilities and infrastructure, VisitorOS improves workplace safety, security, and compliance through automation and people-powered support.

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Emergency Alerts, Evacuations & Mustering

Be prepared for when the unexpected occurs. EmergencyOS improves the efficiency and speed of your evacuations and ensures all visitors are accounted for in the event of an emergency.

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Optimized Package Collection & Verification

Track and manage all your deliveries at a glance, including incoming packages, for fast, efficient, secure collection. DeliveryOS gives you the confidence you know the status and location of every package and mail item coming into your facility.

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Seamless Employee Access Management

From capacity management to compliance reporting and everything in between, WorkforceOS gives you the power to simplify and streamline workforce management responsibilities for increased efficiency and enhanced security.

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Process Contractors and Validate Credentials

Keep your facilities and projects up-to-date with the right documentation and compliance controls. Our contractor management software removes the headaches and limitations of paper visitor logs.

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