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Simple, automated
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iLobby automates the complex process of screening, validating, and monitoring individuals across all of your business locations, while meeting all privacy, compliance, safety and security requirements.

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  • Contractors
  • Employees
  • Returning Visitors
  • Custom Types
  • Interviews
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From data security to physical security

Discover why iLobby is the industry’s go-to for enterprise visitor management solutions, and an integral part of day-to-day operations for thousands of clients worldwide.

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    See exactly who is in your building, at a glance

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    Streamline the visitor sign-in process

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    Automate security & compliance

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    Control physical access

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iLobby Visitor Management System

iLobby is a global leader in enterprise visitor management, trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide to track, manage and monitor who is in their building. What originally started as a simple visitor sign-in app, has grown into a full-feature visitor tracking software suite, which has become an integral part of day-to-day operations in organizations such as major banks, international airports, government and Fortune 500 companies.

The iLobby Visitor Management System goes beyond simply a check-in software for guests, and extends to employee and contractor management. The software makes it easy to account for every person moving through your building, turning complex requirements and screening, into a simple experience.

The visitor management software is easy for visitors, convenient for employees, and provides reporting and greater control for management. iLobby has streamlined the entire process by automating critical screening steps into a process which takes less than a minute to complete – while tracking and managing each individual that has had access to a facility. The all-in-one check-in software keeps your people and your data safe.

Here’s how the visitor sign-in app works:

  1. The guided self sign-in starts when your visitor arrives. They simply tap the Welcome screen on the kiosk to start the visitor sign-in flow: filling in their contact details, reading any legal documents and NDAs required, and digitally signing documents.
  2. The visitor tracking software then performs an instant security check, and depending on your configuration, the system automatically runs checks against any deny lists, watchlists, or authorization verifications that your organization has integrated into the platform.
  3. Once check-in is complete, iLobby automatically sends a notification to alert the employee who is hosting the visitor — via their preference of email, text, voice call, Slack, or other communication channel.

To address visitor management for the new normal in workplaces, iLobby has developed a suite of new tools to help organizations deal with the challenges that the pandemic has introduced by placing technology as the first line of defense to screen individuals prior to granting them entrance into a facility.

One of the key features introduced was Touchless Sign-In™ in order to create a contactless visitor experience by moving the entire check-in directly onto your guest’s smartphone. This fully mobile process helps keep your workplace safe and expedites visitor sign-ins. Visitors simply arrive at the kiosk, open their invitation email on their smartphone, and follow the link to sign in. This will trigger the kiosk to go into QR code scanning mode, and your guest can simply scan their personalized QR code to complete the check-in.

Furthermore, iLobby provides an all-in-one solution for businesses to streamline and track daily employee and visitor questionnaires, and provides contactless temperature scanning to automatically detect elevated body temperatures, automated capacity management to facilitate social distancing, and one-click reports for faster reporting and contact tracing – making it an ideal solution for visitor management in the new normal.

Rapid global deployment to 60+ locations

Consolidated Container Company recently rolled out the iLobby visitor management system to over 60 locations across the US and Canada. This rollout was completed ahead of schedule and iLobby representatives kept an open line of communication during this process, ensuring that the rollout for each site was completed as smoothly as possible. I would recommend iLobby to any company looking to transition to an electronic sign-in system.


An invaluable tool for our facility

iLobby has allowed us to go paperless with our visitor check-in process and keeps an electronic log for security auditing purposes on our premises. Overall, the system is a great tool.

ITT Inc.

Extremely easy to use and quick to configure

Thanks to the iLobby system our organization has improved the experience and the perception of the level of innovation that our customers and visitors have of the company. The system is extremely easy to use and quick to configure. To deploy iLobby it’s easy, and our intention is to standardize the system on all the business units of our corporate.

Comet Spa

The efficient way to manage our reception

The system was easier than I thought it would be to set up. From candidates arriving for interviews to customers arriving for meetings, we are able to give attention to those taking their time to give us theirs.


A perfect ally in our security

Choosing iLobby among the existing options was the best decision we have taken, mostly related to security and the convenience of registering our visitors. iLobby staff do not sell a product; they assist you with your needs.


Easy to Set Up and Customize

An easy and efficient way to automate and monitor contractors and visitors at our facility. Any issues we have had, iLobby customer support has promptly rectified. I highly recommend this solution!

Elite Life & Fitness

Functionally rich, easy to operate

There are number of requirements that various compliance regimes and safety and security regulations impose on businesses. iLobby helps alleviate the majority, if not all of them. It is functionally rich, fully configurable, and easy to setup and operate

A Fairfax Company

iLobby Visitor Management FAQ

What is the iLobby Visitor Management System?

iLobby enables organizations to efficiently track, manage, and monitor everything that moves through their facility’s doors to streamline safety, security, and compliance processes. The platform ensures that all individuals are registered and screened upon arrival at your business’s front lobby, and prior to being granted access to your premises.

iLobby uses a self-serve kiosk that allows individuals to complete the sign-in process in a matter of seconds, while capturing critical information for management. The platform guides individuals through a step-by-step workflow depending on their visit type – whether an employee, visitor, contractor, interviewee, or delivery person.

Why Use iLobby?

iLobby streamlines the complex process of screening each individual, into one quick and easy checkpoint. Its enterprise-level features make it easy to reach a high level of security and control in a matter of seconds, while capturing key information and logging all access records for reporting and compliance.

As an integral part of day-to-day operations in high-security facilities such as banks, airports, and government buildings, iLobby is a trusted solution that enables organizations to have greater control over who is granted permission to access their facility.

The platform gives organizations the flexibility to define their screening requirements, as well as to implement advanced features and integrations such as ID/passport scanners, access control systems, FeverCheck TM body temperature scanning cameras, COVID questionnaires, and more in order to add a higher level of security to your organization.

Is the iLobby Platform Secure?

iLobby is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and holds an array of industry-leading infrastructure certifications which ensure the solution meets and exceeds the strictest security and data privacy standards, including protecting personally identifiable information.

The cloud-based SaaS platform is built and hosted on Microsoft Azure’s trusted distributed services to ensure industry-leading security and redundancy. Furthermore, the deployed kiosk hardware is fully managed and locked down within the iLobby environment, and the kiosks are hardened in tamper-proof cases and installations.

iLobby can be configured to meet exacting requirements including those mandated by the Department of Defence and highly regulated facilities such as airports, restricted manufacturers and pharma. Additionally, the system is compliant with GDPR, ITAR, C-TPAT and many other leading industry standards and regulations.

How Does iLobby Visitor Sign-In Work?

iLobby’s core platform consists of 3 main components: a secure tablet-based kiosk, dashboard management portal, and a mobile app.

When a visitor arrives at the kiosk, they are prompted to fill out mandatory information, which can be customized to your organization’s needs. For example, a basic screening workflow can require information such as contact details, non-disclosure agreements, and digital signatures – while higher level screening can include ID/passport scanning, COVID questionnaires, body temperature scanning, and more.

Each guest’s photo is captured and stored during sign-in, as well as printed on an ID badge which indicates the validity date of the badge and the visitor’s classification as a guest.

When a guest signs-in, their host employee receives an automated notification alert using the preferred communication channel – which can include text message, email, voice call, Slack, and more.

Is iLobby Suitable for Enterprise Visitor Management?

iLobby is designed from the ground up as an enterprise solution. Built on Microsoft Azure’s trusted distributed services, and holding an array of industry-leading infrastructure certifications, iLobby is able to offer a level of security and functionality unparalleled in the Visitor Management industry.

The robust platform is built for scalability – from allowing an unlimited number of employees and visitors, to fast deployment of pre-configured kiosks worldwide – iLobby is ready to scale with you both nationally and internationally. The platform’s multi-location functionality enables enterprises to remotely manage all of their locations from one central dashboard, while enabling individual locations to operate independently.

Enterprise clients can enjoy a turnkey, fully done-for-you solution with pre configured hardware sent straight to your door. With dedicated technical support and free hardware repairs and upgrades, iLobby truly is a white glove enterprise solution.

How Does iLobby Assist With COVID-19 Precautions?

Since the onset of the pandemic, iLobby has been developing new products and features that help organizations safeguard their workplaces and comply with changing government regulations.

iLobby has introduced various new COVID-specific workplace screening processes which include COVID-19 Questionnaires for daily health checks, Touchless Sign-In TM for contactless processing, Workforce Management TM for employee sign-ins, Capacity Management for enforcing capacity limits and facilitating social distancing, and FeverCheck TM thermal cameras for scanning elevated body temperatures – a key indicator of potential exposure to COVID-19.

iLobby gives organizations the flexibility to define, automate, and enforce on-site health and safety rules, both in the new normal and beyond. When regulations change, organizations are able to update the policies and processes for one or all of their locations easily, through the iLobbly web portal.

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