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Purpose-Built for
Complex Enterprises

iLobby's facility and visitor management platform provides peace-of-mind from safety, security and compliance challenges that keep you from your most important duties.

Trusted by Enterprises Worldwide

Serving a Range of Industries

Manufacturing & Industrial

Track Visitors Throughout Your Facilities

Manage visitor access and view real-time data, documents and reports across all your locations, all in one place. iLobby has served manufacturing organizations of all types, including those working in food & beverage, paper & packaging, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and many others.

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Oil & Gas

Better Protect Your Facilities, Employees & Guests

Critical infrastructure sites need to ensure visitor safety protocols are thorough and effective. iLobby has worked with many utility companies to simplify compliance and safety operations and better protect their visitors.

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Track Your Visitors & Employees Across All Locations

From pre-screening processes to on-site management, iLobby ensures all contractors and employees are able to complete their work safely and securely. Benefit from real-time tracking data that enables you to keep tabs on workers as they move between locations.

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Keep Your Construction Sites Safe & Sound

Construction sites manage vendors, delivery people, contractors, and a host of other visitor types. iLobby ensures you know who is on-site at any given time, ensuring the safety and security of all your sites.

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Optimized Visitor Management for Added Operational Efficiencies

Keeping your warehouses firing on all cylinders requires you to streamline and secure operations wherever possible. iLobby simplifies and reinforces your visitor management processes so you can focus on your most pressing responsibilities.

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Food & Beverage

Visitor and food safety risk management

Manage food safety, visitor traffic, compliance, validation, audits and reporting across multiple manufacturing and industrial sites.

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Implement Airport-Specific Workflows & Screening

iLobby integrates with gates, doors and turnstiles to prevent physical entry when necessary, and restrict or confine access to specific areas. We give you the tools to manage data collection consistently for each visitor type, and a full digital audit trail ensures compliance with stringent regulations.

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Transportation & Logistics

Process high volumes of visitors quickly and safeguard your facility with pre-registration, ID validation, and screening software. Automated sign-in kiosks replace outdated manual logs for rapid, secure visitor management. Track your workforce across multiple locations on one online dashboard. 

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The iLobby platform streamlines and automates processes that mitigate risk and safeguard government facilities such as local municipalities and police departments.

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Aerospace & Defense

Meet complex compliance requirements in highly sensitive environments. Automate rigorous security requirements and enforce strict compliance.

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And More...

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization.

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Complex Enterprise Software

Built for Complex Enterprises

Your industry has its own set of unique safety, security and compliance challenges that can be hard to overcome without a helping hand. iLobby serves a wide range of organizations, and provides them with the hardware, software and support they need to optimize their facility and visitor management processes.

Meet the Platform

Your All-in-One Facility Management Partner

Connecting people, processes and technology, iLobby is your full-service facility and visitor management platform that enables you to better manage and monitor visitors. In addition to our turnkey solutions, we provide you with the hardware and software needed to solve your most pressing safety, security and compliance challenges.

You're in good company

I couldn’t recommend this system more.

iLobby handled all our concerns. The sign in process was VERY quickly adopted by both our staff and visitors with very minimal training needed. Everything was so intuitive. Employees are notified when they have a guest, and we appreciate that we no longer needed to ‘track someone down.’ I couldn’t recommend this system more.

Senior Facilities Manager

...the process was excellent.

It was very collaborative right from the get-go, and the process was excellent. It was a pleasure to deal with the people that you had on your team, the results were what we expected and there’s the capability of continuing improvement, and always good support. 

Jeff Thorn
Manager, Security Operational Support

I strongly recommend iLobby...

LG has been using the iLobby product at our HQ facility in Canada to register all our visitor activity for quite some time now. We found that iLobby has an excellent quality, very efficient, and very effective product. I strongly recommend iLobby to any other facility that is seeking to move from a manual process of registering visitors to an automated process.

Shawn Lee
Facility Manager

...rollout was completed ahead of schedule...

Consolidated Container Company recently rolled out the iLobby visitor management system to over 60 locations across the US and Canada. This rollout was completed ahead of schedule and iLobby representatives kept an open line of communication during this process, ensuring that the rollout for each site was completed as smoothly as possible. I would recommend iLobby to any company looking to transition to an electronic sign-in system.

Avik Purkayastha
Project Manager


The Enterprise Facility & Visitor Management Platform

iLobby's FacilityOS is a facility and visitor management platform used by security professionals, facility managers, compliance teams, and operational leadership to drive safety, security and compliance. Deployed at more than 6,000 sites worldwide, FacilityOS automates key facility process to achieve regulatory compliance, enforce safety protocols, and drive site security requirements.


Streamlined, Secure Visitor Management

Built specifically for enterprises with mission-critical facilities and infrastructure, VisitorOS improves workplace safety, security and compliance through automation and people-powered support.

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Emergency Alerts, Evacuations & Reporting

Be prepared for when the unexpected occurs. EmergencyOS improves the efficiency and speed of your evacuations and ensures all visitors are accounted for in the event of an emergency.

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Physical Identity & Access Management

Extend the benefits of Access Control to visitors and contractors. SecurityOS gives you the flexibility to enhance your security measures with ease using temporary credential management.

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Optimized Package Collection & Verification

Track and manage all your deliveries at a glance, including incoming packages. DeliveryOS gives you confidence knowing the status and location of every package and mail item coming into your facility.

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Simplified Workforce Management

From capacity management to compliance reporting and everything in between, WorkforceOS simplifies and streamlines workforce management responsibilities for increased efficiency and enhanced security.

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What Can iLobby Do For You?

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