Ariel Mashiyev, CEO at iLobby Corp., was honored to join speakers at the Canadian Export Challenge Global Accelerator panel presented by Startup Canada in partnership with UPS, EDC and the Trade Commissioner Service. This panel is one of the accelerators moving across Canada to support 2,500 entrepreneurs and provide an opportunity to share their global business experience and expertise.

“Today, we are growing our entrepreneurial ambition and work together to identify and remove friction,” says said Victoria Lennox, Co-Founder & CEO of Startup Canada. “Today, this is about meeting entrepreneurs who are doing it [going global], building relationships with organizations that can help you, and joining Team Canada 2018 Global Entrepreneur.”

“I am very pleased to be a part of this esteemed panel that helps both aspiring and established entrepreneurs connect, learn and have a voice within Canada’s thriving entrepreneur space,” says Mr. Mashiyev. “Personally witnessing iLobby evolve into a global platform that’s used in more than 30 countries and translated in over 20 languages has made it clear to me that going global isn’t a decision in today’s landscape – it’s a given.”

Mr. Mashiyev devoted his time at the Canadian Export Challenge to helping entrepreneurs better grasp the complexities as well as benefits of moving towards global operations within businesses of any size. Earlier this year, iLobby Corp. accepted the 2018 Startup Canada High-Growth Entrepreneurship Award for its rapid and tremendous growth in revenue as well as contribution to the Canadian economy.