The growing importance of hardening security protocols and the evolving interest in managing visitors in a paper-less manner propels more and more organizations to switch their administrative operations to digital platforms. Government buildings are not an exception. Recently, Bridgeport Government Center adopted a new way to manage its visitors. iLobby has successfully replaced the traditional sign-in book as well as dramatically raised the bar in terms of site security. The counter-mounted tablet equipped with ID scanning features capable of quickly and accurately reading a visitor’s driver’s license or other government issued ID has simplified the collection of data as well as made possible for it to be securely stored in the cloud.

“Once the person or department they are visiting is checked off and a badge is created, a verification email will be sent from the system to the destination department,” said Rowena White, Mayor Joe Ganim’s head of communications. “If a guest of the city has an appointment every month, for example, they will be able to select ‘Returning Visitor’ and their photo taken from the initial visit will appear along with their name”.

According to the department, it will take some time for the public to fully accept the new sign-in flow. However, this is not the first technological advancement that has been implemented in the facility, so the outlook is very positive.


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