iLobby introduces FeverCheckTM – the new standard for workplaces to automate screening individuals for potential COVID-19 symptoms. With fevers being one of the key early indicators for a potential infection such as COVID-19, iLobby’s new solution offers workplaces an initial line of defense. FeverCheckTM is your organization’s first step to shielding your employees against possible COVID-19 exposure. In just a matter of seconds, the system quickly and accurately scans visitors, contractors, and employees for elevated body temperatures as part of your regular sign-in process.

During these uncertain times, it’s important for employers to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their employees. An outbreak can be devastating to the health of your workforce, and presents a large risk to the continued performance of your business operations. It becomes increasingly important for businesses to help identify individuals who may pose a potential health risk to the workplace prior to their entry.

iLobby FeverCheckTM bridges the gap between safety and privacy, by collecting crucial health information to safeguard your workplace – without breaching confidentiality of protected health records.

While body temperature checks help protect your workplace, it is also considered a highly confidential and protected health record. Improper handling of this sensitive information can result in serious legal liabilities for your organization.

The problem with many off-the-shelf solutions is that they are intrusive. Many use a large monitor to publicly display an individual’s data on the screen and visibly single them out in a crowd by highlighting them in red. Some systems scan visitors individually, but still display readings directly on-screen, and even use audible alarms to single out individuals who may have a higher than normal temperature. Not only do these methods breach confidentiality of private health information, but such solutions have minimal value-add to the security of your workplace.

iLobby FeverCheckTM is an automated and discreet solution that provides your facility with optimal protection, while safeguarding sensitive data. iLobby has always prioritized security and protection – both of your premises and employees, as well as of the individuals who enter your facilities.

Accuracy matters when it comes to body temperature readings. With inaccurate readings, you risk falsely singling out individuals. This is why the iLobby team has worked rigorously along side our clients to develop a robust solution that delivers high-precision fever detection.

True to iLobby’s core values, no shortcuts were taken in designing a robust and reliable system. iLobby FeverCheckTM uses smart technology and top-tier hardware to deliver highly-accurate readings. Perceived body temperature can fluctuate based on a variety of factors which include weather conditions, internal air temperature and flow or even holding a hot cup of coffee while in the frame of the thermal scanner. The FeverCheckTM smart thermal camera delivers precise readings with its advanced algorithm which can intelligently focus on the individual, ignoring un-related objects such as the hot coffee, and adjusting for external factors in the surrounding environment which might otherwise affect the accuracy of the overall body temperature readings. The iLobby FeverCheckTM system can be calibrated to adjust to your specific environment.

FeverCheckTM delivers an automated body temperature check that integrates seamlessly into your visitor sign-in process with the iLobby Visitor Management System. It scans each individual walking through your doors, discretely advising when specific individuals pose a risk to your workforce. Combined with other COVID-19 related features such as Touchless Sign-inTM and COVID-19 Questionnaires, the iLobby platform offers the most comprehensive solution for fully automated COVID-19 screening in your workplace.

iLobby FeverCheckTM is a completely discreet and secure solution, based on FDA and IEC guidelines, and uses HIPAA-compliant components for storing health related records. iLobby is SOC2 audited and prioritizes protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) andenforcing the highest standards for protection of sensitive data. iLobby FeverCheckTM bridges the gap between safety and privacy by conducting important and sensitive screening steps without increasing data exposure risk for your organization.

To learn more about iLobby FeverCheckTM, please visit the product page or call 1-855-5-iLobby or contact your account representative to schedule a demo.