Focused on enterprises, iLobby is designed to solve visitor management problems within various facilities such as corporate offices, manufacturing plants, schools and government.  The visitor management system replaces bulky, old-fashioned and insecure sign-in books with tablets displaying a series of questions designed to verify visitors’ identities, sign-off on legal documents and record their purpose of visit as well as whom they are visiting. The iLobby system brings tremendous value to any facility by elevating administrative tasks to a new technological level and increasing efficiency across the enterprise.

Not convinced? Let’s run down a few reasons why iLobby is a smart move.

  1. Process automation of handling different visitor types such as regular guests, contractors, delivery personnel and more.
  2. Digitization and capture of all visitor-related activities which can be centrally monitored and reported on in real-time
  3. Improved compliance with security and health and safety procedures
  4. Assistance during emergency situations
  5. Exceptional customer support

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