Ernst & Young (EY) has named Ariel Mashiyev EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 Ontario, recognizing his unstoppable entrepreneurial achievements that demonstrate vision, leadership and success. As Chairman and CEO of iLobby, Ariel has led the tech company to exponential year-over-year growth, and transformed the company from a simple sign-in app to a global leader in Enterprise Visitor Management – recently securing an investment of over USD $100 million from Insight Partners.

When Ariel became CEO in 2017, he envisioned iLobby as a platform to address complex inefficiencies and solve deeper business issues through a suite of workplace automation tools. He strategically pivoted the company from a sign-in app to an enterprise-level platform, where iLobby had the greatest opportunity for impact and growth. Ariel’s determination to redefine workplaces, build the future of the modern enterprise environment, and leverage technology to bring about automation in the workplace has led iLobby to become an integral part of day-to-day operations in major organizations.

Today, Ariel continues to spearhead innovation to provide critical tools that help organizations navigate the new normal and increase control in their facilities – including innovative COVID-specific technology that addresses the new challenges of the pandemic to automate workplace management. The iLobby platform continues to evolve into a trusted solution for large-scale enterprise businesses which are concerned with security and operational efficiency. The platform enables organizations to automate complex processes and streamline the screening of thousands of individuals at any one location. The recent investment will help accelerate the expansion of iLobby’s global operations and bring innovative, forward-thinking solutions to market faster.

“I’m honoured and humbled to receive this prestigious award from Ernst & Young,” said iLobby Chairman and CEO Ariel Mashiyev. “I’m constantly driven to challenge the status quo and build new solutions that make a difference in clients’ businesses. Our team has faced many challenges while building up iLobby into the enterprise-level platform it is today, but taking risks and pivoting to adapt to changes in the market and client requirements has been critical to establishing iLobby’s position as a leader in its space.”

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® is awarded annually to outstanding entrepreneurs who are judged based on recent financial performance, strategic direction, innovation, leadership and community involvement. As a serial entrepreneur, Ariel is renowned for embracing uncertainty and persevering through challenges, and continually strives to leverage technology to introduce forward-thinking solutions that redefine the workplaces of tomorrow.

About iLobby®

iLobby is a global leader in Enterprise Visitor Management, trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide to track, manage, and monitor who is in their buildings. From data security to physical security, the kiosk-based SaaS platform has become an integral part of day-to-day operations for clients such as major banks, international airports, government, and Fortune 500 companies. iLobby has been growing rapidly, and today the platform is actively used in 45+ countries, 25+ industries, by millions of users, and has been translated into 35+ languages.