The iLobby platform was conceptualized out of necessity. Originally deployed as an in-house solution within INKAS® Group’s Toronto offices, the platform gained the necessary experience, traction and foresight to be where it is today. Plant Magazine, a Canadian-based publication specializing in the manufacturing sector has taken notice of iLobby and its quick growth.

On a daily basis, hundreds of visitors enter INKAS® offices for various reasons and to carry out a multitude of tasks, including delivery personnel, tradespeople and business partners. Deploying the iLobby Visitor Management System has facilitated a smooth, controlled and auditable sign-in process leaving front desk personnel able to focus on other administrative tasks.

“Instead of having a person at your front desk, the system allows companies to reprofile them to a position in which they’re generating revenue,” the article mentions.

Being 100% customizable, iLobby ensures that appropriate security and visitor protocols are in place regardless of business need or facility setup, which is definitely handy during an audit. Moreover, the platform’s evacuation mode assists during emergencies by sending the visitor headcount to delegated employees.

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