iLobby® donates $50,000 worth of iPads to hospitals and long-term care facilities to help vulnerable individuals stay connected with loved ones who are unable to visit

Social distancing measures and visitation restrictions have created barriers for high-risk individuals in our community, such as those in hospitals and long-term care centers. However, it’s during these difficult times that maintaining connections with family and friends is more important than ever. For this reason, iLobby is helping these individuals connect with loved ones who are unable to visit them right now.

As a company with a software platform heavily reliant on tablets, iLobby CEO Ariel Mashiyev was inspired to contribute. “We already have the iPads in stock, and we already have a deployment team in place that can configure these iPads for the hospital’s secure network. It was the logical way for us to make a quick impact and contribution to our local community.”

The direct donation is saving hospitals valuable time that would otherwise be spent on procurement and configuration. The iPads will help protect individuals by removing the unnecessary risks that visitation might introduce, and families can keep safe by social distancing without abandoning these individuals.

“COVID-19 has proven to be particularly difficult for some of the most vulnerable individuals in our communities,” said Ariel Mashiyev. “Video helps us maintain deeper connections by seeing the expressions of our families and giving family members a sense of togetherness, even while they are apart. This is something that individuals desperately need during these difficult circumstances.”

“Isolation and loneliness have been deemed a social determinant of health by the World Health Organization,” said Lisa Rae, Manager of Volunteer Services and Hospice Programs at Circle of Care. “Many of our clients do not have access to smartphones and tablets, and it really limits their social interactions with family check-ins and their Phone Pals volunteers to simple phone calls. These iPads will go a long way to helping our clients connect with their families and their volunteers, thus aiding in reducing their loneliness. Sometimes you just need to see your family’s smiling faces and see their laughter. We are grateful for companies such as iLobby who are stepping up during this difficult time to bring joy into others’ lives.”

Frontline staff in hospitals have shown unwavering dedication to the individuals in their care, in the face of this pandemic. Their selfless efforts to help comfort vulnerable individuals during this time has inspired iLobby to contribute what they can. iLobby is dedicated to helping the community, and hopes to lead by example to inspire other businesses to contribute with what they already have available.

“We believe that it’s important to stay united, stay strong, and give back to those in need,” said Ariel Mashiyev. “Supporting our community is part of our broader mission as a company, and through our iLobby Cares™ initiative, we wish to help make a difference in people’s daily lives and bring hope to members of our community.”

iLobby is pleased to be able to support hospitals and long-term care centres and is grateful for the opportunity to contribute. Being connected is important in today’s environment, and the company hopes that these iPads will help individuals reconnect with their loved ones. To date, iLobby has already donated iPads to Baycrest Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Eatonville Long-term Care Center to name a few, and is dedicated to continuing contributions to local care facilities.

About iLobby Cares™

The iLobby Cares™ initiative is part of our broader mission as a company to inspire action and make a positive impact in the world.