We are proud to announce that iLobby is now officially compliant with SOC 2 – one of the highest industry standards for information security. In today’s technological landscape, data security is an increasing concern for organizations of all sizes, and SOC 2 establishes processes that help iLobby safeguard our clients’ data.

iLobby mitigates risks by following industry best-practices and ensuring that our internal procedures and controls comply with the Trust Service Principles of SOC 2 for security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy.

Here are some of the ways that our SOC 2 compliance helps protect your data:

1. Preventing unauthorized access

Our systems automatically send alerts that notify us when certain indicators of suspicious activity occur within our cloud environment. This ensures that our network is being monitored for unauthorized attempts to access or alter client data.

2. Monitoring against threats and vulnerabilities

The iLobby team keeps up to date on best practices for responding to emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and we monitor for malicious and unusual activity across our infrastructure. These activities help us identify threats and intrusions, and help spot problems before they become system-wide issues.

3. Responding to threats quickly

SOC 2 certification establishes guidelines to help us quickly respond to incidents and take corrective action in a timely manner. We tackle problems at their source to prevent your confidential and sensitive information from unauthorized access and disclosure.

SOC 2 certification ensures that iLobby not only has processes and controls in place to safeguard your information, but that we are regularly audited by an independent third-party in order to verify that we actively continue to meet the requirements of SOC 2 compliance.

Discover the available customizations and options toimprove your facility's compliance to industry standards.

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