iLobby DeliveryOSTM is the easy way to track and manage all the mail in your organization, offering a complete system to process all deliveries at your reception, mail room, or receiving dock. Simply take a photo with the app, and DeliveryOSTM matches the name to your employee database to automatically send the employee a notification that their delivery has arrived.

When employees haven’t picked up their mail, they will keep receiving daily reminders – placing the responsibility of mail management on the individual employees.

“iLobby®’s clients have already been integrating the new system into their offices and the response we’ve received has been amazing,” said CEO Ariel Mashiyev. “This new product really helps streamline a time-consuming task that is often overlooked.”

With iLobby DeliveryOSTM, companies can now easily process letters, parcels, and lunch orders to get them to the right employee quickly. Admins can check mail status and get an overview of important details such as tracking numbers, who signed for it, carrier names, photo of the shipping label, and more.

As a global leader in enterprise visitor management, iLobby® is continuously expanding the products and services that we deliver to our clients. We aim to automate tracking and management of everything that moves through your doors, and now DeliveryOSTM adds a new level of automation, security and oversight for your mail and packages.

DeliveryOS is available as a module or as an extension of the existing Facility Management platform. You can now manage an unlimited amount of mail, parcels, and packages – all for one flat fee. To learn how to maximize delivery management with the iLobby Delivery Operating System.