As businesses start to reopen their doors, there is an increased need to protect the health of employees and visitors. Returning from a disruptive shutdown, the impact on business operations, along with concerns of a second wave, have businesses looking to implement increased safety measures to protect their workplace. With employees returning to workplaces in this new normal, it’s important to consider how your organization will reduce the amount of touch points in your facility – particularly if your front desk typically processes a high volume of visitors. iLobby Touchless Sign-InTM helps keep your workplace safe by expediting visitor sign-ins, pre-screening visitors prior to arrival, and reducing surface touch points in your workplace.

iLobby Touchless Sign-In introduces contactless visitor processing by moving the entire sign-in experience directly onto your guest’s smartphone. The mobile workflow enables you to pre-screen visitors prior to their arrival, while eliminating the need for your guests to have contact with your iLobby® kiosk directly. The Touchless Sign-InTM offers robust functionality to help keep your employees, visitors, and contractors safe in the new normal. The iLobby Touchless Sign-InTM authenticates individuals, and instantly initiates badge printing directly from your visitor’s own smartphone.

The iLobby Touchless Sign-InTM offers a convenient new way to help keep your employees and guests safe with a fully hands-off experience. The iLobby Touchless Sign-InTM allows visitors to pre-register and complete most of the sign-in workflow prior to their arrival on-site. The touchless experience protects employees, contractors, and visitors by eliminating the need to tap the kiosk screen and reduce surface touching and possible contamination. This not only protects employees, but reduces wait times in the lobby when your guests arrive.

In a world that is always connected, the iLobby Touchless Sign-InTM makes use of the smartphone that your guest already has in their pocket. Visitors simply arrive at the kiosk, open their invitation email on their smartphone, and follow the link to sign in. This will trigger the kiosk to go into QR code scanning mode, and your guest can simply scan their personalized QR code to complete the sign-in.

If the visitor did not complete pre-registration or if there is a new version of a mandatory document available since they last filled it out – iLobby will prompt your guest to complete those specific steps of the sign-in, directly on their mobile phone, before they can be signed in to your facility.

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