With employees headed back to work in the new normal, organizations need to establish processes to safeguard their staff, as well as to comply with local regulations for workplaces. Governments across different cities and states have been implementing various regulations with respect to how employees need to be handled before coming into work, including completing mandatory daily screening.

The iLobby Workforce Operating System (WorkforceOS) enables organizations to define, automate and enforce site health and safety rules which can include capacity management, COVID questionnaires, and body temperature scanning. With these employee-specific workflows, organizations can set specific rules and requirements that need to be met before an individual is granted access to the premises.

Managed from one central dashboard, organizations have the flexibility to layer a number of rules for each of their facilities in order to comply with local government regulations. From daily screening, to social distancing – iLobby WorkforceOS allows organizations to better manage employee sign-ins and enforce compliance.

Furthermore, iLobby WorkforceOS removes the need for mass manual processing by enabling the entire screening process to be initiated and completed on each employee’s own mobile device.

How iLobby helps safeguard your workplace

 1. Daily Employee Screening

Safeguarding the workplace starts with prevention. iLobby enables companies to automate and enforce health and safety processes such as COVID questionnaires and body temperature scanning to pre-screen employees. For example, employers can require COVID questionnaires to be completed prior to an employee’s arrival at a workplace to confirm that they are not exhibiting any symptoms and have not been recently exposed to a potential case.

Employers can schedule automated notifications to remind employees to complete their COVID questionnaires both on the evening before work, as well as on the morning before arriving onsite. This enables organizations to know ahead of time if an individual poses a potential risk to the workplace.  When employees arrive at the office, the system can be configured to run another check to make sure that nothing has changed in the employee’s status and that all local compliance rules are met.

Organizations can further require that each employee passes visitor screening prior to entering the facility. Using a discreet thermal camera to scan each individual’s body temperature ensures that individuals entering the building do not have an elevated body temperature – the first sign of a potential infection such as COVID.

2. Automated Capacity Management

Capacity Management enables social distancing in the workplace by enforcing maximum capacities and limiting how many people can safely be in any area of a building at one time. It helps organizations manage and restrict employee traffic to specific areas, facilitating compliance with social distancing and capacity requirements.

Organizations can subdivide their facility by department, floor, zone, or team, to automatically track and manage which spaces individuals can access. Individuals or teams can be pre-registered to a specific zone, with the system either automatically denying over-capacity requests or notifying management that an override has been requested.

For example, a manufacturing plant that would normally allow 1000 employees on its floor, may now restrict access to only 100 employees at a time. This ensures that each employee is allowed enough distance between them and their peers to safely social distance within the space.

3. One-Click Reporting

Whether organizations need to manage hundreds or thousands of employees, manual record keeping in order to comply with government regulations is a time-consuming task. iLobby workforce management software automates this process and maintains relevant data, across all facilities, securely in one place.

Personally identifiable and confidential health information, responses to COVID questionnaires, and body temperature screening results are subject to enhanced data handling and storage requirements. Organizations must establish data retention policies and perform ongoing monitoring when storing this information on their own, manually or locally at the sites. iLobby is a SOC II compliant platform that helps organizations securely collect, store, and manage this confidential data, while keeping a complete digital audit trail for compliance.

Should an incident occur, iLobby enables faster response through contact tracing by giving management the ability to search through a digital trail in order to identify affected individuals. Data can be filtered by specific dates, locations, visitors or employees, in order to retrieve and export records relevant to the incident.


iLobby WorkforceOS is built with flexibility, giving organizations the ability to create a flexible set of rules and to apply them to the employee workflow. This automates and enforces compliance standards which must be met in order for individuals to be permitted access to the workplace.

To learn more about how the iLobby Workforce Operating System can help automate and enforce compliance within your facility, request a free demo today.