With businesses reopening in the new normal, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to protect their employees from unnecessary risk and potential COVID-19 exposure in the workplace. iLobby has been helping clients automate screening processes, while tracking and documenting relevant activities. This ensures that all data is easily accessible, and provides a live dashboard view into visitor and employee traffic, as well as offers the capability to filter and search data when contact tracing is required.

With iLobby, organizations go beyond basic visitor management. In addition to tracking visitors and contractors, iLobby extends to addressing employee-specific requirements by providing powerful modules and integrations to help create sign-in workflows that meet your organization’s policies. Additionally, iLobby equips you with various COVID-specific features which include COVID-19 Questionnaires, touchless visitor sign-in systems, and thermal cameras for scanning elevated body temperatures – a key indicator of a potential exposure to COVID-19.

Here’s how iLobby can help you manage different types of employees and visitors in the new normal:

Employee Management

With hundreds of employees arriving at work each morning, iLobby helps organizations streamline mass employee management by enabling staff to use their own smartphones for sign-in and processing. The iLobby mobile app enables your managers and employees to seamlessly start their day, as well as to manage their visitors and teams directly from their phone. Employees can sign in and out daily, manage their own visitors, lock and unlock doors, and more.

Organizations can configure the sign-in experience to meet the specific needs of their workplace by adding any number of mandatory components to the workflow. Employers can configure workflows to be as simple or extensive as needed. From one-click sign-ins, to step-by-step workflows where employees can be required to complete additional steps such as reviewing safety videos and guidelines, answering questionnaires, and even taking contactless body temperature readings on-site using thermal cameras.

All data is consolidated into a centralized system, so employers can see employee and visitor status and details at a glance in the dashboard overview. iLobby helps automate safety and compliance procedures, and should an incident occur, employers can instantly export reports for any timeframe.

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Temporary Staff Management

iLobby provides organizations with the ability to issue temporary passes to authorized visitors, staff and contractors who do not have an existing badge in your organization’s access control system. Pass issuance and validity is based on pre-set conditions and rules which can include specific time and date restrictions, ID validation, watchlist checks, and more. Whether access is needed for a few weeks or a year, you can give temporary staff the same convenience as your regular employees, while fully complying with established security and safety guidelines.

After a pass has been issued, managers can simply use their mobile phone to scan the pass in order to verify that the individual’s details are up-to-date and that they are authorized to be on-site. This bypasses the kiosk for faster sign-in, and only re-directs to the kiosk when more extensive processing is required, such as for body temperature readings.

Contractor Management

Many projects require contractors to be provided with recurring access to the facilities. iLobby’s Temporary Pass features can be leveraged to limit contractor access based on pre-defined schedules and rules, as required – expiring access when it is no longer needed. Your employees can scan in their teams of contractors each morning from anywhere in the building, simply by scanning the QR code straight from their mobile phones.

Temporary passes pre-authorize contractors for a specific timeframe and let them sign in quickly without walking to the main kiosk each day. This is convenient in instances where it’s not practical to enter through the main facility doors each morning, as it eliminates the need for contractors to go through the main entrance. Access control integration can be leveraged to link a proximity access card to the iLobby Temporary Pass in order to log and control physical access to the restricted areas.

Use Case: Process Contractors and Validate Credentials

Group Management

Often times employees will have guests arriving for training workshops, facility tours, or other events, and it is time-consuming and inconvenient to process a large number of people all at once. Group passes make it easy to sign in bulk visitors by allowing them to complete key steps of the sign-in process prior to their arrival.

iLobby enables your employees to bulk manage groups by simply uploading a CSV file with a list of attendees, and using the Event and Pre-registration features to send out invitations in bulk. Guests can be notified of specific site rules and asked to provide additional information prior to their arrival. Each Guest can be automatically pre-screened, based on provided information, fast-tracking their registration. Upon arrival, employees can simply scan the pass for each pre-screened visitor, completing the registration.


iLobby provides an all-in-one streamlined process that can help you manage all the individuals that move through your facility’s doors, including your employees. Request a demo to learn more.