With an increasing number of global governments implementing vaccine passports, organizations need to find efficient ways to track and manage the vaccine status of their employees as well as visitors in order to prove their compliance and keep their workplace safe. This verification process is quickly becoming the new normal across various sectors, industries and geographical regions.

QR codes have become the de facto standard for vaccine verification and are present on almost all enhanced COVID-19 vaccine certificates. This enables businesses as well as government institutions to quickly verify COVID-19 vaccine status of an individual.

However, with so many jurisdictions implementing their own internal QR Code systems, validating these certificates globally becomes a real challenge. QR code validation systems released by local governments focus on validating QR codes within that local jurisdiction.

To support our clients around the world, iLobby has built a facility operating system platform which will universally accept and verify most issued digital vaccine certificates. We continuously monitor the international standards and update our technology to make iLobby the most complete and up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination verification system on the market.

How It Works

iLobby enables organizations to verify the vaccination status of each employee and visitor by requiring proof-of-vaccination either upon sign-in, or prior to their arrival. Our verification system – built into our visitor management platform – simply scans and validates a vaccine passport QR code and, if desired, can also require a visitor to scan their drivers’ license or passport to validate an individual’s identity matches the name on the vaccine passport.

Our Global Digital Vaccine Validation Service

Screening individuals and verifying vaccination status remains a crucial step in protecting organizations in this new normal. In order to help safeguard workplaces worldwide, iLobby has developed the most complete and up-to-date validation service for vaccine passport QR codes , covering most jurisdictions worldwide. Speak with your iLobby representative today for specific details about which countries, states, and regions work seamlessly with our vaccine passport validation system.

Free Validation Service API Access

The pandemic continues to put a strain on many critical services around the world. To help facilitate protection in higher-risk settings, iLobby is happy to release free API access to our global digital vaccine validation service to non-profit, healthcare, and educational organizations worldwide. Please contact your iLobby representative for more details.

Get Started Today

iLobby's FacilityOS platform is a full suite of solutions for screening visitors and employees, and managing proof-of-vaccination in the workplace, including document upload, ID validation, proof-of-negative-test, QR code validation and more. For more information, request a demo today.