Designed with enterprise environments in mind, iLobby's FacilityOS platform is perfectly suited to handle the complexity of managing multiple locations – whether you operate in buildings nationwide, or worldwide. The platform is set up to be centrally managed, and independently operated at each location.

Centrally Managed, Independently Operated

If you have multiple locations, iLobby can be configured to be centrally managed by an individual or group of individuals. These designated Global Admins would have full access to all data, across each of the company’s locations. Global Admins can see complete real-time reports, receive notifications, and have full control to monitor what is happening at each location.

At each location, designated individuals or groups can be set as location-specific Local Admins who would have full access to all data, but only for that specific building. They would not have access to data and reporting at other locations, have any control over company-wide alerts, nor be able to activate emergency evacuations at other buildings.

Unlimited Flexibility with Access Levels

iLobby has unlimited user permission levels, which lets administrators configure lists to match specific data fields, and control who can view specific information or change certain settings within the system. You can set up as many levels and groups as needed to match your preferred processes. Access levels can be set for individuals, groups of individuals, by department, by management level, or custom setups.

If specific people need to be notified in certain situations, iLobby can be configured to alert them when that specific event occurs. For example, if the sign-in triggers a watchlist alert for a visitor that poses a threat to the company’s cybersecurity, a notification could be automatically sent to each individual within a pre-made group, which may include the site supervisor, IT team, and head of security. However, if an unwanted ex-employee arrives, the sign-in may only alert the site supervisor.

Fast Setup Across Multiple Locations

iLobby makes multi-location setup easy. Our team is experienced in multi-building deployment and uses a structured roll-out approach to install devices one by one at each location. This ensures that there is sufficient time for testing and adjustments, before moving on to the next installation. Overall, this results in a faster, more efficient deployment across all of your locations.

The iLobby platform makes it easy to streamline how you process different types of visitors at each of your locations. Request a demo today.