1. You want to keep your people, facility, data, and intellectual property safe

Your lobby area acts as the first security check at your facility. Traditional paper visitor log books are no longer sufficient for any type of organization, especially for manufacturing offices or plants. Entry logs are typically inaccurate, incomplete and very insecure leaving your visitor information readily available to anyone passing by.

Modern security management encompasses a variety of technologies that reduce the potential for external and internal threats. With a sophisticated visitor registration system, you will neither lose track of who can access your facility nor put your sensitive data at risk.

Also, if you require your visitors, contractors, and vendors to sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement, health and safety responsibility agreement or any other types of legal documents, iLobby is a great way to get them signed. It displays your agreements, ensures your guests sign and accept them, and stores them in the cloud.

2. You’re looking for a compliance-friendly visitor management system

If you are operating in a highly regulated industry, you have to comply with various regulations (e.g. PCI, GMP, ITAR and many more). During an audit, you must prove that appropriate security protocols and visitor controls are in place within your facility. It is quite a long and time-consuming process if you do not have an automated manufacturing visitor management system. With iLobby, both standard and fully-custom reports can be generated instantly and effortlessly, which helps you meet government standards and comply with audit reporting.

3. You want a cost-effective solution that has the right amount of functionality to serve your facility’s needs

From a cost standpoint, you will witness immediate savings as a digital visitor management system can be easily integrated into your existing systems, policies, and procedures ensuring a higher efficiency with a much lower error-rate. Thanks to instant host notifications, it will also expedite the interaction between your hosts and their visitors while streamlining the entire process of visitor registration. With cloud-based storage, you will be able to significantly reduce data storage costs and accelerate information retrieval time. Regardless of the environment, iLobby implementation is simple, smooth and secure.

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