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Why We Rebranded iLobby

October 6, 2022

When I think back to how iLobby operated only 5 short years ago, the company ran much differently than it does today. Operating out of a shared workspace, our small team worked tirelessly to understand what made our customers tick and regularly upgraded our software to maximize the value we deliver. That customer obsession has never wavered and is the catalyst that’s driven our rapid growth ever since.


Three head office moves and a $100+ million investment from Insight Partners later, and iLobby is now a dramatically different company than it was in 2017. Our team has grown, our product set expanded, and over 1,000 mid-sized and large companies now trust iLobby to support their safety, security, and compliance goals across their organization. While I always knew we’d get to this point, I’m still humbled and amazed by how far we’ve come in a relatively short amount of time.

But like many rapidly-scaling companies, we recently realized that our branding and messaging had not kept pace with the speed of our product set and the growth of our client impact. So, early in 2022 we set out on a path to ensure what we looked like and sounded like on the outside matched how great we’d become on the inside.

Armed with a clear picture of the types of companies that trust iLobby every day, we repositioned and rearchitected our products into one cohesive platform. The ultimate goal? To power complex work environments by optimizing and automating key facility processes to achieve regulatory compliance, enforce safety protocols, and drive site security requirements.

As part of this shift, I’m excited to announce the launch of FacilityOS™. Our new platform will bring together all our products into one cohesive interface where Facility/Plant Managers, Employee Health & Safety leaders, Corporate Security staff, and other supporting teams can manage the safety, security, and compliance of their facilities from one place.


Our FacilityOS™ platform contains three core modules, plus one new forthcoming module that is currently in beta with several clients. The platform will allow single-sign-on across all the modules and centralize the management of many critical administrative functions, such as integrations, user permissions, reporting, and more.

The four current modules of our FacilityOS™ platform include:

VisitorOS - Our visitor management module, built with the security and configurability sought-after by complex enterprises around the world.

WorkforceOS - Our workforce management module, built to help companies manage capacity of their facilities.

DeliveryOS - Our delivery management module, built to track and manage deliveries and ensure timely and trackable collection by the end recipient.

EmergencyOS - Our newest module, currently in beta with several clients, will improve the speed and efficiency of evacuation and ensure employees and visitors are accounted for in an emergency situation.

In the coming months and years we’ll be adding new modules to this platform to expand the value we deliver to individual facility staff and operational leaders around the world.

iLobbyFOSPlatform-2Finally, this effort would not be complete without addressing our visual brand identity. While our previous logo and colour scheme helped us grow to become the market leader in our space, we recognize that our next phase of growth will require our brand to mature to match the pace and impact of our business. I’m very proud of our new look and feel and believe it’s a strong foundation upon which we can build for the future. Gone is the bell in our logo, replaced by an “i” that’s subtly shaped to look like a person. We are, after all, a customer-obsessed company dedicated to keeping workplaces safe, secure, and in compliance with policies and regulations. Our new colours – dominated by a deep navy blue – reflect the stability and enterprise focus of our technology, our team, and our company overall. We hope you like our new look and feel as much as we do.

ReintroducingIlobby-1To close, I’ve never been more proud to lead the iLobby team as I am today. Our growth and success as a company is a direct reflection of the talent, professionalism, and growth-mindset our team brings to work every day. This team continues to build the processes, systems, and products that allow us to deliver more and more value to our customers every quarter. I’m grateful for their hard work and commitment to the journey with iLobby.

Our best days are still ahead of us. The brand and messaging change is just one of many updates and upgrades we’ll make in the coming months as we strive to help our clients manage their safety, security, and compliance goals every day.



Ariel Mashiyev

Ariel Mashiyev

Ariel Mashiyev, the Chairman & CEO of iLobby, drives the company's vision as a leader in the Enterprise Facility & Visitor Management industry. Known for his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation, Ariel has significantly expanded iLobby's footprint across the globe. Committed to giving back, Ariel actively mentors budding entrepreneurs and supports charitable causes through the iLobby Cares initiative.

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