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Airport case study
iLobby Customer Success


Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) operates Toronto Pearson International Airport. Stuck with a manual check-in process,GTAA needed to expedite sign-ins and reporting, without compromising security or compliance.

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Automating Airport Facility Management

GTAA Case Study

We sat down with Jeff Thorn, Manager Security Operational Support at GTAA, to discuss how iLobby is used at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The interview explores why iLobby was needed, how it was used in a high-security facility, and the results achieved. 

Before working with iLobby, GTAA's visitor management was a mostly long process. Visitor and workforce induction involved stickers, PVC passes, and manual check-ins. The average check-in was 10 to 15 minutes and could take as long as an hour. Signing-in groups was especially slow, having to repeat the process for each individual.

Manual sign-ins wasted too much time, especially in a facility that processes a high volume of daily visitors. From snow removal to construction to visitor passes, GTAA needed a way to complete check-ins quickly.   


Goal: Fast and accurate sign-in process for GTAA’s visitors, workforce, and VIPs.


Complex, High Security Environment.


Stuck Using Manual Facility Management Processes.


Strict Law & Regulatory Compliance Requirements.

If time is money, manual visitor registration is expensive. But it wasn't just the hours that added up; manual processing also meant errors were easy to make. To resolve both challenges, iLobby provided visitor sign-in kiosks and software controlled from a central dashboard. The dashboard allows a single user to view and manage multiple locations and entrances remotely. The sign-in kiosk is self-guided, allowing guards to spend time on other important tasks. Meanwhile, the automated process was much faster, moving people through registration and printing off visitor badges in as little as 1 to 2 minutes – up to 15 times faster 

With a simple, intuitive sign-in, the visitor kiosk improved accuracy as well. Guest badges won't print until all steps and information is fully complete. People with accessibility or language barriers can take advantage of an assisted sign-in feature if extra support is needed to complete registration. 

Being high-security environments, organizations in the aerospace industry have to meet strict regulatory standards, both internal and external. Protecting sensitive information, tracking who is in the facility, and conducting visitor screening is essential. To achieve this, guards were again stuck with tedious manual tasks, performing reviews and checking systems to verify and validate individuals. A slow task that ate up valuable person-hours. 


The switch to automated visitor management overcame these barriers. According to Jeff Thorn, “With the present system, there are checks and balances that we have within the system. When requesting to issue a pass, we can check with our list on our security system to ensure that people are valid."   

Inductions now automatically screen visitors against internal and government lists for a faster, more secure environment. 

Finally, generating reports – while important – was hardly worth doing in the original system. Whether providing KPIs, investigating situations, or doing basic audit reports, the time-to-benefit was just too much of a demand. Individuals had to sort through boxes of old certificates and passes by hand, which took too much time. The visitor management dashboard resolved this challenge immediately. The dashboard automatically stores each check-in with all submitted information. This makes it easy to sort and generate reports that used to take hours, if not days. Electronically generating reports resulted in a faster and more organized approach. 



Solution: iLobby brought GTAA’s facility management up to speed with automated visitor management solutions.


90% Reduction in time to issue visitor passes

_CaseStudy_GTAAWebstuff_GTAA Reports-1

Performing reports takes 30 seconds, down from hours or days


Centralized Dashboard Allows  a Single User to Manage Multiple Locations Remotely

_CaseStudy_GTAAWebstuff_GTAA Groups-1

Groups are quickly processed, and staff can be automatically assigned


Why Did GTAA Choose iLobby? 

For GTAA, the most appealing feature of iLobby was its system of checks and balances.   

The facility management platform mitigates risk. Reports are completed quickly, and compliance with legislation around lists is eased. People are signed in and issued passes all under one platform with plenty of flexibility. As a result, processing visitors and workforce is fast, efficient and secure, making iLobby an ideal solution for a high-security, high-visitor flow facility.

I couldn’t recommend this system more.

iLobby handled all our concerns. The sign in process was VERY quickly adopted by both our staff and visitors with very minimal training needed. Everything was so intuitive. Employees are notified when they have a guest, and we appreciate that we no longer needed to ‘track someone down.’ I couldn’t recommend this system more.

Senior Facilities Manager

...the process was excellent.

It was very collaborative right from the get-go, and the process was excellent. It was a pleasure to deal with the people that you had on your team, the results were what we expected and there's the capability of continuing improvement, and always good support. 

Jeff Thorn
Manager, Security Operational Support

I strongly recommend iLobby...

LG has been using the iLobby product at our HQ facility in Canada to register all our visitor activity for quite some time now. We found that iLobby has an excellent quality, very efficient, and very effective product. I strongly recommend iLobby to any other facility that is seeking to move from a manual process of registering visitors to an automated process.

Shawn Lee
Facility Manager

...rollout was completed ahead of schedule...

Consolidated Container Company (now Altium Packaging) recently rolled out the iLobby visitor management system to over 60 locations across the US and Canada. This rollout was completed ahead of schedule and iLobby representatives kept an open line of communication during this process, ensuring that the rollout for each site was completed as smoothly as possible.

Avik Purkayastha
Project Manager

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