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Quarrying & mining contractor management

Workforce Management Software for Mining

Streamline safe and secure mining operations with real-time employee and contractor tracking and management across multiple sites.

Integrated Mining Management Software

iLobby combines smart technology and powerful integrations into one turnkey solution that enables mine and quarry managers to have greater control of their facilities, employees, contractors and visitors. From entry authorization and tracking, to identity verification and screening, the iLobby platform streamlines and automates processes that mitigate risk and safeguard mining operations and critical infrastructure.




Automate Validation & Document Collection

Enforce Safety & Security Measures

Manage quarry and mine safety, security and compliance with automated visitor management tools. Visitor kiosks create a digital paper trail for every entry into your facility.

Collect documents and e-signatures during check-in. Manage liability and compliance with built-in safety orientations, quizzes, agreements and more.

Process Contractors & Validate Credentials
Screen and pre-screen all visitors

Secure, Compliant Contractor & Employee Induction

Ease compliance and optimize efficiency with mining management solutions. Employee and contractor induction kiosks can automatically screen against official or custom lists, denying access to flagged individuals. 

Pre-registration allows for screening before guests arrive at the facility. Pre-screening increases efficiency and alllows you to detect threats early, for a better, safer, more secure sign-in process.

Automate Contractor & Visitor Screening
Real-Time Contractor & Employee Tracking

Track Workforce Across Multiple Locations

Track workforce and contractor movement across multiple locations from a single online dashboard, accessibler from anywhere. iLobby's employee management mobile solutions for mining facilities empower admins with remote live tracking data and allow them to generate reports on-demand.

Know who is in your facilities at all times and manage multiple worksites from a single dashboard. 

Responsive Emergency Management

Mass Emergency Notifications & Evacuation Management

When emergencies happen, facilities need tools with live incident monitoring and immediate response capabilities. 

iLobby EmergencyOS sends out instant emergency notifications and mustering info, and two-way communication protocols allow all individuals on-site to provide real-time location and status updates.


Compliance Integrations

iLobby already meets most compliance standards for data security and on-premise monitoring, and can be configured to meet your unique needs.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

The efficient way to manage our reception.

The system was easier than I thought it would be to set up. From candidates arriving for interviews to customers arriving for meetings, we are able to give attention to those taking their time to give us theirs.

Lore Balde
Administrative Assistant

A perfect ally in our security for access control.

We are convinced that choosing iLobby among the existing options within the competitive market is the best decision we have taken, mostly related to security and the convenience for registering our visitors.

Fernando Romero
Oficial de Protección de la Instalación Portuaria

LG has been using the iLobby product at our HQ facility in Canada to register all our visitor activity. We found that iLobby has an excellent quality, very efficient, and very effective product. I strongly recommend iLobby to any other facility that is seeking to move from a manual process of registering visitors to an automated process.

Shawn Lee
Facility Manage


The Enterprise Facility & Visitor Management Platform

iLobby's FacilityOS is a facility and visitor management platform used by security professionals, facility managers, compliance teams, and operational leadership to drive safety, security and compliance. Deployed at more than 6,000 sites worldwide, FacilityOS automates key facility process to achieve regulatory compliance, enforce safety protocols, and drive site security requirements.


Streamlined, Secure Visitor Management

Built specifically for enterprises with mission-critical facilities and infrastructure, VisitorOS improves workplace safety, security and compliance through automation and people-powered support.

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Emergency Alerts, Evacuations & Reporting

Be prepared for when the unexpected occurs. EmergencyOS improves the efficiency and speed of your evacuations and ensures all visitors are accounted for in the event of an emergency.

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Physical Identity & Access Management

Extend the benefits of Access Control to visitors and contractors. SecurityOS gives you the flexibility to enhance your security measures with ease using temporary credential management.

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Optimized Package Collection & Verification

Track and manage all your deliveries at a glance, including incoming packages. DeliveryOS gives you confidence knowing the status and location of every package and mail item coming into your facility.

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Simplified Workforce Management

From capacity management to compliance reporting and everything in between, WorkforceOS simplifies and streamlines workforce management responsibilities for increased efficiency and enhanced security.

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Streamlined Workforce Management Software for Mining & Quarrying

From pre-screening processes to on-site management, iLobby ensures all contractors and employees are able to complete their work safely and securely.

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