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Undeniable Benefits of Facility Management Software

November 1, 2022

How do you keep track of all the moving parts in an enterprise facility?  

Visitor check-in, data security, and workforce management can quickly become overwhelming, especially when coordinating multiple departments or teams. This is where facility management software comes in.   

Facility management software provides a central platform for managing all aspects of your facility. From tracking deliveries to informing employees about emergencies, a single person can manage it all with a single tool.  

Ensure secure visitor management across multiple locations with facility management software and meet industry requirements. By customizing specific configurations for each site, you ease security and compliance standards for all your facilities globally.   

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5 Benefits of Facility Management Software 

A facility management system is a powerful, multifaceted solution transforming enterprise organizations' management of their buildings, visitors, and workforce. The software is designed to streamline the most important facility operations.   

Top facility management software presents an effective approach to handling a facility in the long run. Below are some major benefits of facility management software systems.  

  1. Streamline and Digitize Emergency Management Process

In an emergency, every second counts. Thus, facility management software automatically triggers emergency notifications and evacuation tracking.  

With the connected platform, you can quickly and easily send out messages to everybody in the building, informing them of the situation and evacuation details. Manage evacuations with real-time muster point communication 

These tools allow you to track evacuees for headcounts and digital rollcalls. EHS officers can also provide visitors with important safety information upon arrival to ensure that everyone is on the same page in an emergency. 

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  1. Consolidate Communication in One Place

Facility management software provides a centralized platform for managing a company's assets. Many systems need to work simultaneously, communicating and functioning in sync. That can mean a lot of data and software for your facilities management team to monitor. This is especially true if you manage more than one building and don't have a lot of resources.  

FacilityOS incorporates the most important software and facility management feature into one platform. This ensures all factor work together seamlessly for a more reliable, efficient solution. 

facility management platform quoteWhen it comes to managing a facility, communication is key. That's why facility management software that integrates with popular tools and messaging systems like Google Drive, Outlook, Gmail, Skype, and Slack can be so valuable. With end-to-end encryption, this software secures your data, consolidating communication for the entire facility.   

  1. Provide Real-Time Updates on Visitors and Security 

For any business, large or small, security is a top priority. Not only do you need to protect your employees and visitors, but you also need to safeguard your facility and assets.  

Facility management software provides real-time visitor management and security updates, so you can always know who is on your premises. Create secure facility and visitor management practices using digital logs, special after-hour access, and key cards for more secure check-in in your building. This way, you can give access to an authorized workforce and prevent breaches.   

Track visitors in real-time and automatically create detailed logs for easy reports. Not only does this safeguard the physical security of your facility, but it also eases reporting for audits and investigations. 

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  1. Ease Regulatory Compliance with Industry Standards

Facilities management software helps organizations of all sizes to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Automate key processes and track data so your facility managers are confident that they meet all safety, security, and operations requirements.   

Facility management software helps you maintain industry standards like GDPR complianceThe software also regulates operational communication between different departments, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding compliance. Customization allows for site-specific requirements, easing management of multiple-location organizations – even in different regions or countries. 

  1. Supply Actionable Insights and Dynamic Reports

The modern business landscape is more complex and interconnected than ever before. As a result, workforce management has become a critical concern for organizations of all sizes.   

Manual report creation, scheduling timelines, and monitoring rules and regulations to keep your site running well is a time-consuming process requiring a dedicated employee team. An automated facility management software can do this in seconds.  

Faculty management software generates actionable insights and dynamic reports about compliance with local laws and legal contracts. It also helps with auditing, investigations, and assessing business risks to develop mitigation plans.  

Furthermore, a comprehensive platform eases compliance by automating:  

  • Personal data 
  • Visitor & contractor induction 
  • ID verification 
  • Visitor logs 
  • Paper trails
  • Company records  
Actionable Insights and Data

The All-in-One Solution for Facility Maintenance Managers 

Facility management software is the best way to maximize your workplace productivity. The software allows facility maintenance managers to integrate all aspects of facility management into a single solution. The software facilitates businesses by building smooth automation, direct communication, convenient work orders, budgeting, and steady performance records. By integrating these disparate systems, facility maintenance managers can achieve greater efficiency and productivity.  

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Our team will help you choose the best tools for your specific facility management software needs. Book a demo today.  

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