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Navigating Complex Visitor Management with iLobby's Integrated Suite of Modules

December 1, 2023

In a world where safety and security are becoming increasingly important, particularly for complex enterprises, iLobby’s FacilityOS platform rises in the ranks as a complete visitor and facility management solution. With the continued rise of security breaches, emergency situations, and compliance requirements, having a streamlined and comprehensive system for managing visitors and employees has become a top priority for organizations.

The FacilityOS platform consists of various modules that work harmoniously to provide a truly holistic facility and visitor management solution. Each of these modules serves a specific yet critical role in managing visitors and helping to ensure that compliance, security, and safety protocols are adhered to.

By using FacilityOS’s modules together, organizations can cover all aspects of facility and visitor management. With a single platform to manage multiple locations, FacilityOS’s comprehensive solution provides improved visibility, enhanced security, and streamlined compliance. When relying on multiple systems for data, there's a risk of encountering variations in formats and coding. But when utilizing a single platform, you benefit from having a uniform and consistent source of truth for data.

Streamline your organization's visitor and facility management system with @GoiLobby's comprehensive suite of modules. Improve visitor experience, increase security protocols, simplify compliance audit preparation, and more:

FacilityOS Module Overview

FacilityOS's modules, VisitorOS, EmergencyOS, SecurityOS, and DeliveryOS, work in synergy to provide a comprehensive facility and visitor management solution.

  • VisitorOS is the first touch for visitors and contractors. It streamlines the visitor management process by providing easy identification and registration of visitors, ensuring safety compliance through training, and customizing the sign-in process for different types of visitors. This module ensures all visitors are accounted for in the facility, increasing the overall safety and security of the premises.
  • EmergencyOS is a vital tool in crisis management. This module is designed to handle emergency situations efficiently. It helps to ensure all employees and visitors are accounted for in an emergency situation, pulling data from VisitorOS to provide real-time reporting of visitors, contractors, and other temporary guests on the premises. The module improves the efficiency and speed of evacuations and optimizes emergency management preparedness by digitizing notifications, alerts, evacuations, and reporting.
  • SecurityOS extends the benefits of Access Control to visitors and contractors with temporary credential management. It simplifies the process of granting access to visitors and contractors, providing automated workflows to allocate credentials for temporary guests. This module ensures that all visitors have the necessary credentials to physically enter specific areas of a facility, improving overall security with physical identity and access management.
  • DeliveryOS tracks and manages deliveries with ease, ensuring that no package goes missing. This module notifies visitors or employees when a package has arrived, improving mailroom efficiency and providing visitors with a seamless experience.

Navigating-Complex-Visitor-Management-with-iLobby-Integrated-Suite-of-Modules-engineer- digital-Facility-Management-concept

Even though each of these are independent modules designed to address specific functional areas, they are designed to be used in combination. This connection allows data to move freely between them, making it easier and more efficient to work on the platform.

Better Together - The Benefits of Using All iLobby Modules

Using all of iLobby's modules together provides a comprehensive and robust facility and visitor management solution that enhances security, efficiency, compliance, and overall management. Here are some key benefits of using all modules together:

  • Improved visitor experience: With all modules having a similar user experience (UI/UX), it's easier to learn a new module when it looks and feels the same, making it more user-friendly.
  • Increased security protocols: By utilizing all modules, there is an additional layer of security that ensures a secure and controlled environment for visitors.
  • Streamlined communication: Having all modules integrated allows for seamless communication and information sharing between different aspects of the facility and visitor management system.
  • Simplified compliance audit preparation: Using all modules together ensures consistency in data standards for governance and compliance, making it easier to prepare for compliance audits.

Additionally, utilizing iLobby as a single-vendor solution brings further benefits to larger companies. It simplifies operational processes by having only one vendor to deal with, resulting in a single invoice, one relationship to maintain, and one IT stack to audit. It also establishes a single data standard for governance, making it operationally easier for the company to manage.

With VisitorOS, a self-service touchscreen kiosk is available to facilitate visitor and contractor sign-in processes. VisitorOS serves as the primary touchpoint to provide safety training and gather necessary information. When used in conjunction with EmergencyOS, the FacilityOS platform can leverage data from VisitorOS and access a real-time digital list of employees, visitors, and contractors present on-site during emergency events. This means temporary guests and contractors not currently associated with a mass notification system can be included in real-time communication channels and critical updates.


Clients are often equipped with emergency management systems for employees, but these systems often do not extend to visitors. With the combination of EmergencyOS and VisitorOS, iLobby provides an emergency and evacuation management system for all on-site visitors, contractors, and employees, disseminating vital information. The combination helps to remove communication barriers for non-employees while enabling organizations to be proactive about the safety and security of everyone in a facility during evacuation events. This process saves time and effort and ensures that everyone is accounted for in the case of an emergency - including visitors and contractors.

More synergies can be seen when utilizing both VisitorOS and SecurityOS. For instance, the badge generated by VisitorOS when a guest signs in incorporates a vital component: a QR code. This same QR code can also function as the credential used by SecurityOS to identify and grant physical access to authorized individuals. In short, when a guest signs in with VisitorOS, the system can automatically issue the appropriate physical access credentials. VisitorOS and SecurityOS seamlessly collaborate using rule-based workflows in order to enhance the sign-in and access control process.

The FacilityOS platform provides a comprehensive solution with complementary modules for all aspects of their facility and visitor management needs. The end-to-end platform offers clients improved security, efficiency, and compliance. By using iLobby's all-in-one platform, companies not only improve security, efficiency, and compliance, but they also benefit from significant time and cost savings, increased visibility, and streamlined processes.

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Soli Shahrokhi

Soli is a dynamic Sales Executive at iLobby. Dedicated to enhancing organizational resilience, Soli specializes in developing solutions that bolster facility safety and security for clients. Outside of work, Soli enjoys exploring new hiking trails, snapping photos that tell stories, and indulging in the world of culinary arts.

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