iLobby Corp. has successfully implemented a first-of-its-kind contractor and vendor management solution within a major international airport.  iLobby’s unique system was recently introduced at Toronto Pearson International Airport and has completely revolutionized the way airport staff, vendors and contractors are vetted, verified, and monitored throughout the facility. Form-fitted to address the specific needs of Toronto Pearson, this implementation of the iLobby platform checks against external watchlists, verifies then prints security badges, and tracks movement at portals throughout the grounds. Ariel Mashiyev, the CEO of iLobby is proud of the platform’s adaptability to customers’ needs. He states, “Our proficiency lies in our ability to zero in on the underlying business challenge and to strategically implement a custom-fitted solution to match. Toronto Pearson was definitely a challenge for us, their unique needs prescribed a very focused approach. I’m proud to say that iLobby has successfully met all requirements, all while improving oversight and operational efficiency throughout the chain.”

The iLobby solution for the airport has not only streamlined a costly and time-consuming process but has completely won over the security staff and reduced security issuance time from 10 minutes to one. The implementation caused little to no disruption to airport operations and has either maintained or increased compliance in all affected process flows. The operations team is now able to have real-time tracking capabilities in order to respond to non-compliance quickly once detected and see complete histories of returning guests or those who forget their passes.



By automating many of the manual issuance and reporting tasks, the staff at Toronto Pearson is enjoying complete security adherence and enforcement, with an overall reduction of resources needed to manage the related processes. The iLobby implementation has resulted in an increase of effectiveness and accuracy of the vetting process and ensures that the contractors are authorized, escorted, and logged at each iLobby portal.

With all this information at his fingertips, Jeff Thorn, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority Operational Support Manager, is excited to realize the full capabilities of iLobby. “This has allowed us to look at implementing more effective policies and controls with layers of sophistication and enforcement, which were not available before implementing iLobby,” says Jeff. “We have recognized that we are just scratching the surface with respect to what this product can do for us.”

High-Security Facility Case Study

Knowing airports present significant security challenges due to the movement of hundreds of employees and visitors, iLobby is proud to have developed a customized solution that fits the needs of this specific environment. This unique approach was necessary to solve the process problems of this industry while maintaining high standards and security compliance. After the success at Toronto Pearson, iLobby Corp. is confident it can readily implement this solution with the same level of customization within any global airport.


For more information on how iLobby can benefit your business, please explore the Visitor Management for Airports page.