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How PIAM Helps Facilities Manage Visitor Access Control

August 31, 2023

In the intricate world of facility management, maintaining optimal security and compliance is paramount. One often underappreciated aspect that plays a crucial role in this delicate balance is Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM). This blog post aims to shed light on the immense potential PIAM holds for bolstering security, ensuring efficiency, and upholding compliance in business operations.

We'll highlight how it extends the benefits of traditional Access Control systems, serving not as a replacement but as a powerful supplement. We will also expose the shortcomings of traditional Access Control systems that often serve as temporary patches rather than comprehensive solutions when it comes to non-permanent employees such as visitors, contractors, and temporary employees.

Upgrading your facility management toolkit? Don't neglect one crucial aspect - Physical Identity and Access Management for visitors. Find out why digitizing this process is a necessity for bolstering security and upholding compliance from @GoiLobby’s recent blog:

The Imperative of Digitizing Temporary Access Management

In the current world of work, it’s not surprising to hear that time is of the essence. Businesses require swift and efficient solutions for managing access control to their facilities. This is where digitizing temporary access management comes into play. A secure and efficient Physical Identity and Access Management strategy is essential to ensuring your business activities are secure and compliant.

What is Physical Identity and Access Management?

Physical Identity and Access Management enables policy-based access compliance and automates the identity and access needs of visitors, contractors, or anyone else needing secure, temporary access to your facilities. It underpins all facility activities, whether temporary or permanent.

While there are effective solutions for permanent access, the temporary aspect has been largely neglected and relegated to manual processes. This neglect is not due to its insignificance but rather the complexities involved.

Enhancing Security with Temporary Access Management

Automating temporary access can significantly enhance facility security by eliminating human error and enabling quick decision-making and enforcement. In high-security environments, transparency is crucial. With a well-implemented access management solution for temporary visitors, the entire process of managing access becomes unnoticeable and unintrusive, allowing visitors a seamless experience while giving businesses the confidence and security of knowing they can control and monitor facility access.


Are you still relying on traditional Access Control systems that only serve as temporary patches for temporary visitors? Learn more about the benefits of implementing Physical Identity and Access Management from @GoiLobby:

How Physical Identity and Access Management Overcomes Traditional Access Control Challenges

In the world of facility management, it's crucial to understand the constraints that come with existing Access Control systems. While these systems have their merits, they also have significant limitations, especially when it comes to temporary access management. Let’s take a look at the main challenges.

Complexity in Automation

Organizations encounter a significant challenge when it comes to setting up workflows in Access Control. The inherent complexity of this task requires the implementation of sophisticated algorithms and seamless integrations. Although the workflows themselves may be relatively simple, automating them can be a complex and time-consuming process.

However, the investment of effort in this process yields highly rewarding results. Beyond bolstering security measures, it facilitates streamlined operations and enables efficient management of resources and access privileges.

Integrating with Visitor Management or Emergency Management Systems

Looking ahead, we can clearly see the transformative potential of integrating Physical Identity and Access Management with a Visitor Management or Emergency Management System. This isn't just about staying up-to-date with the latest tech; it's about harnessing the power of these systems to gain complete visibility into our operations.

When PIAM is integrated with a Visitor Management System, a new level of efficiency is unleashed. The system not only streamlines visitor check-ins and improves data tracking but also revolutionizes the entire visitor experience. Every visitor's movements can be monitored in real-time, ensuring access to only authorized areas. It provides an eagle-eye view of the facility, keeping everyone informed and ensuring visitor safety.

On the other hand, when PIAM is integrated with Emergency Management Software, security and compliance efforts are bolstered. This integration goes beyond meeting industry norms and sets new standards for safety and compliance. The integration ensures readiness to respond swiftly to emergencies by managing access and tracking movement effectively. It provides a vigilant security guard, always alert and prepared to act at a moment's notice.

Enhancing Security with Temporary Access: A Game-Changer in Facility Management

In the world of facility management, the security that Physical Identity and Access Management provides is transformative. It's not just about keeping unauthorized individuals out—it’s about optimizing your facility’s operations, maintaining compliance, and improving the experience for your temporary visitors. Here's how:

Reducing Human Error

The human factor, while valuable in many contexts, can be a liability in access control. Manual processes are prone to errors and oversights, leading to potential security breaches. By digitizing temporary access management, you eliminate these risks. A Physical Identity and Access Management system automatically grants, modifies, or revokes access based on predefined rules—significantly reducing the chance of human error.

Let's imagine a scenario where a visitor is supposed to have access to area A, but they're inadvertently given access to area B. This may seem like a small mistake, but it could potentially lead to security breaches and compliance issues. To avoid this, you can use a Physical Identity and Access Management system to make sure that visitors are only given access to the areas they need.

This type of automated security also makes it easier to manage digital identities and ensure compliance with government regulations. By using PIAM software, you can easily track who has access to which areas and when they had access—providing an audit trail that can be used for regulatory compliance.

Quick Decision-Making and Enforcement Capabilities

Physical Identity and Access Management systems automate identity and access needs and offer real-time monitoring and control, empowering you to make quick decisions and enforce them immediately. For instance, if a contractor's project ends earlier than expected, access rights can instantly be revoked —ensuring your facility remains secure. No more waiting for manual updates or dealing with outdated access privileges.

Facilitating Visitor Focus

With a Physical Identity and Access Management solution, visitors can focus on their tasks rather than navigating complex access processes. They receive access credentials electronically, and these credentials automatically expire when their visit, or visits, ends. This seamless process reduces friction, improves the visitor experience, and allows them to concentrate on their purpose of visit—be it a meeting, a project, or an event.

Transparency in High-Security Environments

In high-security environments, visibility and discretion are crucial. With a digital Physical Identity and Access Management solution, the entire access management process becomes transparent yet unnoticeable.

Digitizing access management for temporary visitors isn't just about enhancing security—it's about optimizing your entire facility. A digital Physical Identity and Access Management solution can transform your facility management process by eliminating human error, enabling quick decisions, facilitating visitor focus, and ensuring transparency.


Advice for Adopting Temporary Credential Management Systems

Stepping into the future of facility management requires a strategic approach, especially when adopting a PIAM solution.

Our advice for organizations considering adopting a Physical Identity and Access Management system is simple: Do it.

By understanding and implementing digitized Physical Identity and Access Management, facility managers can optimize their operations, ensure compliance, enhance security, and effectively manage physical access for temporary visitors, contractors, and employees. It's not just a 'bandaid' solution—it's a comprehensive strategy for successful facility management.

Elevating Security for All with Temporary Credentials

In facility management, the focus isn't just on ensuring safety for a site and its staff members —it's about guaranteeing it to every individual who enters the facility. Whether they are visitors or contractors, the objective is clear: everyone should enjoy an equally high level of security. 

Consider this: facilities often house costly machinery and confidential materials. Access control mechanisms are implemented because safety is paramount. Investments are made in cutting-edge security systems to ensure that only authorized personnel can access these resources. But what about visitors and contractors?

This is where temporary credentials become crucial. By implementing Physical Identity and Access Management, you effectively extend the same benefits to visitors and contractors. You ensure verified access—nothing more, nothing less. It's about elevating your commitment to safety and security.

Maximizing Value from Existing Investments 

Implementing a Physical Identity and Access Management system allows you to extract additional value from the investments you've already made in other facility management systems. By integrating your Physical Identity and Access Management with systems such as Visitor Management Solutions or Emergency and Evacuation Management Solutions, you can enrich overall site safety, security, and compliance. This not only improves transparency and control but also enables you to leverage the data from these systems to make more informed decisions about access management.

Adopting a Physical Identity and Access Management solution is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your facility's security and operational efficiency. With the right systems in place, you can successfully navigate this transformation journey. The future of facility management is here—are you ready to embrace it?

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Zach Schendel

Zach is a seasoned Sales Executive at iLobby. Well-regarded for his exceptional client management, he is committed to helping organizations enhance facility safety, security, and compliance. Outside of work, Zach finds joy in cooking, camping, and spending time with his family.

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