Businesses have been showing increasing concern about the level of oversight and control of visitors at their facilities. Safety is a concern in buildings, but more so is regulatory compliance and business continuity relating to compromise of proprietary information, sensitive documents, and access to restricted areas such as server rooms, record storage rooms, and other rooms with business-critical data.

iLobby replaces the time-consuming manual process of visitor validation, with policy-based physical identity & access management and multi-location visitor management, while effectively addressing inefficiencies, bottlenecks and security gaps at facility entrances. Apart from its main features, these are some of the key aspects that can help make your building more secure include:

1. Quickly Identify Who’s in Your Building

The only people who should be in your building are the people who have a specific reason for being there, and they should only be there as long as necessary. Color-coded badges with the visitor’s photo help to ID the person and to identify the purpose why that person is in the building, for example, general visitor, scheduled meeting, on-site contractor, or delivery person. Badges prevent situations where there is an unfamiliar person wandering the hall, and employees are unsure of who they are, or whether they should be there.

2. Secure Access to Restricted Areas

iLobby integrates with Access Control at gates, doors, and turnstiles to restrict access to certain areas for specific visitors, and sends automatic notifications to management when an unauthorized attempt is made to enter a restricted area. This adds an extra level of security to your building, and ensures that visitors such as on-site contractors only have access to the areas that they require access to in order to complete their work.

3. Efficiently Process Returning Visitors

iLobby ensures that returning visitors and contractors stay compliant with current site induction processes, and visitors are checked against site requirements during each visit. In cases of pre-screened candidates such as employees, returning visitors, and regular contractors, iLobby helps fast-track the process by reusing previous data when possible. Any expired or non-compliant elements are presented to visitors during their sign-in for completion.

4. Check Names Against Watchlists

iLobby can automatically check all names and identities against various government watchlists, as well as any internal or 3rd party lists that you specify, giving you a greater control of who is in your building. In addition to the obvious reasons within high-security buildings, these lists can also be used to identify when VIP clients arrive in your building, or used to blacklist ex-employees and competitors.


High-Security Facility Case Study

5. Automate Notifications & Reporting

When a visitor signs in, iLobby sends an automatic notification to the host with details and a photo. After the meeting, the host escorts the guest and signs them out. The data of who is in your building is stored in a secure administration portal that is be managed by an appointed employee. Through this portal, reports can be generated for any given time, and can be set up to automatically send notifications such as end-of-day reports to key staff members to verify that no visitors are remaining in the building.

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