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How to Use Visitor Host Notifications to Simplify Complex Enterprises

August 18, 2022

"Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity." - Nat Turner 

Missed meetings, long waits, and unhappy visitors are all too common results of communication failures. Poor or lacking communication practices create confusion that affects your organization's efficiency, security, and reputation. Add clarity to even the most complex workplaces with visitor host notifications. 

How a Visitor Notification System Works 

Know right away when important visitors arrive.  

Host notifications integrate directly into your automated visitor management system. In the system, you can pre-assign specific guests or guest types (e.g., contractors) to notify a host upon arrival. The host receives an automatic notification as soon as that visitor signs into your workplace.  

The individual or department that is to greet the visitor receives a message with personalized details sent by their preferred method of communication. The visitor host notification platform can integrate into SMS, Slack, email, and many more communication channels, ensuring hosts never miss a visitor notification. Custom messaging also ensures the host has all the necessary details to identify and greet visitors appropriately.  

Here's a quick look at visitor notification features: 

  • Instant, automated messaging: Know when a visitor arrives, right away. 
  • Custom text and details: Your alert provides whatever information you choose. For example, who is visiting, purpose of visit, their company, arrival time. 
  • Photo: Capture visitor pictures right from the sign-in kiosk. 
  • Custom communication channels: Integrations with the most popular communication channels allow the host to choose the best platform to receive notifications. 

Remove the "middleman" from visitor induction, no longer relying on reception or security to waste time signing-in guests and tracking down hosts. Not only does this reduce the demand on reception personnel, but it also cuts down on visitors' wait times and confusion. 


Use Cases 


Give VIPs the white glove service that sets your facility apart. Setting up automatic notifications announcing the arrival of VIP visitors allows for a prompt response. Promptly send the dedicated host to greet the visitor and escort them where to go.   

Features like sign-in photo capture ensure the host can immediately identify the visitor for seamless interaction.  

Organizations that frequently host VIPs or seek a high-end, non-invasive visitor sign-in experience can take advantage of assisted sign-ins. This feature allows customers to accelerate and streamline the check-in process, leading to an improved visitor experience and reduced time at the kiosk. Enhance visitor host notifications with assisted sign-ins to provide VIPs with a more managed entry process, improving their experience and enhancing your brand reputation. 


Not every guest requiring an escort gets the glitz and glam of the VIP treatment. But having a prompt and reliable visitor notification system is essential all the same. Host notifications are an excellent way to enhance workplace security while improving the visitor experience.  

In a high-security environment, an escort is a secure way to guide visitors through sensitive areas and projects.   

Security escorts aren't just for visitors who need to be there. Your visitor management system can perform visitor screening for denied parties lists. If an attempted sign-in registers, you can have the visitor notification software automatically ping security. Security can then promptly escort the individual off the premises. It's a rapid way to identify and address potential risks. 

High-Security Facility Case Study

Access Control 

Facility managers who manage multiple locations or after-hours entrances often require a remote visitor access control solution. Taking advantage of visitor notifications ensures that the manager or administrator receives an alert immediately when someone attempts an entry. This allows them to accept or deny entry promptly.  

Avoid having contractors and guests wait around for access while enhancing employee safety and security monitoring. 

Other Workplace Notifications 

Facility Emergency Notification System 

No one hopes to use an emergency notification system, but small issues can escalate to catastrophic proportions without one. When problems arise, an emergency mass notification alert is the most efficient way to keep everyone in the loop.  

Send out critical information such as mustering locations, emergency type, and escape routes at the click of a button. Emergency notification apps enable two-way communication, allowing visitors to share their status. The ability for guests to share their status as safe helps speed up rescue attempts and prevent emergency services from taking needless risks. As well, trapped visitors can share their location for a quick rescue. 

EmergencyOS >

Delivery Notification 

Tired of forgotten packages stacking up in your reception or loading bay? Package and mail delivery notification software streamlines mailroom management. The receiver scans a package into the delivery management platform when it is delivered. The recipient's name is auto-populated into the system, prompting a delivery notification.   

Once the package is picked up, reception or mailroom managers can mark it as picked up. If the package isn't picked up, the recipient gets daily reminder notifications until they do. 



Your Custom Visitor Notification System

Streamline delivery, emergency, and visitor notifications with an automated facility operating system. The iLobby platform is an all-in-one visitor management service enhancing security, compliance, visitor pre-registration, and sign-ins.   

Discover more features like host notifications that create a superior visitor experience; book your demo today. 

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Jeff Gladwish

Jeff Gladwish is the Chief Revenue Officer at iLobby where he spearheads the go-to-market strategy, driving the growth and adoption of our Facility and Visitor Management solutions. In 2023, Jeff was named one of Influitive’s Fearless 50 Customer-Led Marketing Leaders, an award that recognizes executives pushing the boundaries of customer marketing, advocacy, community, and loyalty.

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