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Unpacking Insights from Safety23: Key Takeaways from This Year’s Conference

by iLobby
June 19, 2023

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of attending ASSP’s annual Safety23 Conference & Expo, an event that brought together some of the world's leading minds in safety and security. This event gave us a unique chance to engage with hundreds of fellow attendees — from industry professionals to technology experts — and to tap into the current pulse of the industry.


Our 5 Key Takeaways

Through our in-depth discussions, we covered a wide array of topics, ranging from securing entrances and perimeter controls to managing crisis events effectively. We are thankful for the insightful conversations that not only expanded our perspectives but also highlighted the important trends and challenges within the safety and security sector.

In this blog post, we present an overview of the key takeaways from these informative discussions at the ASSP Safety23 Conference.

1. Visitors Are Still Slipping Through the Cracks

1. Visitors Are Still Slipping Through the Cracks

One of the critical issues highlighted was the problem of visitors slipping through the cracks. As organizations continue to accommodate growing numbers of visitors, security gaps are becoming more apparent.

Strategies discussed ranged from improving the vetting processes to integrating more robust visitor management and PIAM systems, which would ensure that unauthorized individuals could not access secure areas. The need for continuous improvement and training in this area was a recurring theme, pointing to its priority status among safety professionals.

2. Collecting and Securing Visitor Data is Imperative

Collecting and Securing Visitor Data is Imperative

The second takeaway centered on the importance of data, specifically, the collection and secure handling of visitor data within facilities. As the world continues to become more interconnected and digital, so does the importance of managing and protecting visitor data.

We explored how the integration of sophisticated systems can streamline the data collection process, and at the same time, ensure the data's integrity and safety. Proper data management not only strengthens security protocols but also improves overall visitor experiences through streamlined access and movement within facilities.

3. Scalability for Consistency in Large Organizations

Scalability for Consistency in Large Organizations

Scalability emerged as another crucial theme, particularly in the context of larger organizations. With sprawling physical assets and large volumes of employees and visitors, achieving consistency in safety measures can be a daunting task.

Discussions emphasized the importance of implementing scalable solutions that can grow with the organization, ensuring a consistent level of security across all sites. The use of cloud-based systems and AI-driven tools were often cited as potential methods to attain this scalability.

4. Emphasis on Emergency Preparedness


Unfortunately, in today's world, preparedness for emergency situations, including active shooter events, continues to be a pressing issue.

The Safety23 conference underscored the need for organizations to have a comprehensive and up-to-date emergency response plan. Moreover, regular drills and staff training were highlighted as essential factors in ensuring an efficient and effective response in the unfortunate event of a crisis.

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5. Going Digital to Enhance Control and Accuracy

Going Digital to Enhance Control and Accuracy

Finally, the shift towards digital solutions for enhanced control and accuracy during emergencies was a key point of discussion.

Technological advancements such as digital identification systems, real-time location services, and AI-powered security measures can significantly improve crisis management. These tools can provide precise information, enhance communication, and reduce response times, thereby potentially saving lives in emergency situations. 


The ASSP Safety23 Conference & Expo provided a rich array of insights, revealing both the challenges and opportunities in today's safety and security landscape. By addressing these points, organizations can improve their preparedness and ensure a more secure environment for everyone

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